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Found 4 results

  1. WTS: US GI M63 AA Tripod. Complete with legs, base and AA Cradle Assembly and Ammo Tray. Bronze base. US GI, Not Import: $3,495.00, plus shipping. Includes M2HB auxiliary trigger! Call (775) 671-7500 to order by credit card! Thanks, BMG
  2. I have the following New condition M2HB US GI .50 Cal items 1 Complete Bolt, new with all parts 400.00 1 New complete Barrel extension 225.00 1 New Barrel support with Shim 175.00 1 Complete Bolt parts replacement kit, all parts to complete a stripped M2HB Bolt 150.00 1 Complete Drive recoil rod assembly, new in package 40.00 New Head space and timing gage set 40.00 Barrel bearing new, goes in barrel support 40.00 Front sight set of all parts 40.00 Rear sight ladder new 40.00 Extractor, new 45.00 Breach lock compete assembly all parts 70.00 Buffer complete housing and internal spring group, all new, 175.00 Tripod pintle, exc. 50.00 Belt holding pawl set for trunnion with spring and side pin 50.00 Rear cartridge guide assembly 50.00 Front cartridge guide 20.00 Belt feed lever, new for top cover 25.00 Sear bar 25.00 Belt pawl slide for top cover assembly 40.00 Extractor side bar assembly 30.00 M10 Side charging group complete new 150.00 Complete Side cocking handle group assembly, new 275.00 Firing pin , new, 20.00 Firing pin extension new 25.00 Many grip parts, for spade grip frame Other small parts available just inquire 828-773-1938 Email direct is best GPrue8@aol.com
  3. Discrete Paypal or MO. or your good check! Looking for a friend the following as trade wanted or cash paid VZ-61 Skorpian Parts kit/mags for his post sample, and HK-21e mm21e23E/MM23E HK/MM11e/13e parts, barrels, ammo boxes, whatever you have, and also a PK or PKM Barrel in nice condition. 828-773-1938 I have 2 only nice condition US GI Original M3 tripods for the M2HB all parkerized complete and with all markings 1050.00 shipped I have a nice exc. condition recoil shock absorbing MK-93 mount that will fit on any small pintle of .50 tripod complete with side ammo can cage rack and elevator yoke/T&E, and frame and brass catcher assembly, (The Cadillac of mounts) latest and greatest! also have for the buyer available extra, the rare M240/M249 SAW GI adapter bracket that drops into cradle 3 guns in one and it fits the MK-19 as well so 4 systems one mount! 1450.00 1 Nice mint looks new T&E mechanism for the tripod 125.00 1 Used VG T&E Mechanism complete 85.00 WTS The following M2HB Parts all original and as new condition NOS (New Old Stock) First!!!!!!!!!!! M2HB Parts for a spare parts Survival Kit I have put together to keep your valuable Ma Duece going. Contains all parts in pic, 400.00 and comes packed in a .30 Cal. ammo can for nice storage, see parts pic below. Plus I have some other small parts and a set of buffer discs included but not shown, Second is Misc. parts for you; Barrel extension exc. condition 1 only, 200.00 Barrel support new condition with Barrel shim 185.00 Buffer housing new in wrap 125.00 Buffer recoil for housing, 75.00 new Front and rear Cartridge holders for trunnion new set 85,00 ask if you just need front or back only Top cover feed arm, new 30.00 Top cover feed arm circular switch new 25.00 Bearing for trunnion new 40.00 Left side RARE emergency cocking handle new in wrap 35.00 Timing nut assembly complete new 30.00 sear bar new 30.00 Side extractor switch assembly for left side of receiver 40.00 Belt holding pawls and side long pin set 40.00 Top Cover belt slide assembly new 65.00 Set of spade grip frame top and bottom and both grip parts with trigger, bolt release and latches and selector for bolt release buffer discs set (to build a stripped frame) 150.00 Accellerator 35.00 Bolt beech block new 35.00 Breech lock assembly for bottom of receiver all 4 parts that block locks into 75.00 Recoil spring complete with rod in package 50.00 Firing pin new 30.00 Cocking handle with metal grip insert to attach to side 35.00 Rear sight ladder assembly new 40.00 Firing pin extension new 25.00 set of new buffer discs 10 25.00 Rare M10 Side charger group complete with pull cable 150.00 all in new condition Front sight complete 40.00 sear for bolt, new 20.00 lever trip for top of bolt new, 20.00 (Also have small side bolt parts just askl Here is the spare parts survival kit below and includes not shown buffer disc set and some small other parts not shown.400.00
  4. Have 2 M2HB Barrels, Stellite Lined Current issue, that are as new very slightly used, out of wrap, 98% finish 700.00 ea. 2 Complete right side charging cocking handle assembly all new with large plate ready to mount on the side plate 300.00 1 Very rare M10 side cocking handle group with pull cable complete all in new condition 175.00 1 Barrel carry handle 50.00 1 Head space and timing set gauge 45.00 Rear sight ladder complete (No Bracket) 40.00 Front sight with Hood 35.00 Complete Breach block assembly that bolts into bottom of receiver That locks up the bolt complete with block and all parts with flat spring and large bolt and nut 75.00 ea. M2HB Exc. T&E mechanism 100.00 M2HB Dual rail QD Scope mount 125.00 M2HB Buffer housings new in wrap 125.00 ea.complete with Internal spring buffer group 200.00 ea. M2HB Barrel support new in wrap, with Shim 185.00 ea. M2HB Barrel extension, excellent 200.00 M2HB Spare parts survival set with the following; All NOS New condition! Super deal on all the hard to find parts in a set to put away for your expensive baby! Recoil spring group complete Firing pin Firing pin extension Timing Screw assembly Feed slide arm for top cover Sear bar Sear Side pins, for bolt Release lever for top of bolt Extractor switch set for inside receiver Feed pawl assembly parts for top cover Cartridge guide front and rear set Extractor assembly Breech block assembly Accelerator Various springs, flat and round, Rear takedown spade grip release Belt feed slide assembly Bolt switch Top cover handle latch Belt holding pawl Trunnion pin long, for belt pawl All for only 400.00 for the entire set!! If you want individual parts only, please ask, I may be able to accommodate your needs! 828-773-1938 GPrue8@aol.com is best to make sure its not going to spam as is happening sometimes.
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