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  1. Hi everyone, I've got a friend who wants to ship me some in the foil packaging M781 rounds. They are factory loaded NOS from years ago. I've bought many rounds new manufacture where they ship with blanks separate due to the 2019 (I think) ATF rule. Does anyone know if these can be shipped to me like regular ammo because removing the primers is not really doable. How do law enforcement agencies receive their M781's or other 40mm ammo? Do they also have to abide by the same practices of having them sent with primers removed? Or is this a grey area? Yes, I know there is a ton on-line stuff about this rule but wasn't sure if older rounds were grandfathered in. Thanks in advance for everyone's help.
  2. Couple of thoughts: 1. I recently bought a C&R M2 and I have to agree with the pricing comments here. Based on my price and research they are accurate. 2. I applaud the OP for posting it and graciously receiving feedback. It is not easy sometimes but we are all better off by being honest with each other. Daniel Curley has been exemplary in taking all the feedback and processing it. 3. Kinda an extension of #2 above, I greatly appreciate the blunt, not sugar coated feedback that the more experienced members of this community provide. I have no idea how old some of them are but too many are passing away and with them incredible friendships, knowledge and experience!
  3. Nice package. Can you tell us where serial number is on gun (on channel/rails or trunion. Can’t tell from pics. Thanks!
  4. Seems to me that it might be worth your time to give Brad at Bahnhof or Mike at TSC a call. I know you don't want HK black so not suggesting that but they have the capability and might just find it an interesting project. Bob Naess is a good one too but I have not heard from him in awhile so not sure if he is taking work.
  5. Yes, this was also in the last Morphy auction. May 2022. Per the web-site: "Israeli Military Industries Galil Model 372 in desirable automatic rifle configuration. This machine gun was converted from a Pre-Ban semi-auto gun imported by “Magnum Research Inc.” as indicated by the marking on the left side of the receiver, and by the telltale “cut” recess for the selector lever/safety on the right side of the receiver. This specimen features a birdcage flash hider, bayonet lug, and bipod, as well as a folding stock and carrying handle. There is felt attached to the bottom of the bipod feet in order to keep them from marring whatever surface they come into contact with. Electronic NFA Registry indicates “ISRAEL MILITARY INDUSTRIES” as the manufacturer, and approved incoming ATF Form 4 as “IMI – ISRAEL”. PROVENANCE: From the collection of esteemed NFA firearms enthusiast and collector J. R. Moody CONDITION: Overall appearance and finish is near excellent original black hard coat finish with some barely discernable loss of finish where the selector/safety touches the receiver. There is a small piece of felt to the rear of the ejection port to preserve the original finish. Composite furnishings of buttstock and pistol grip near excellent. Bore and bolt are near excellent. Mechanics are crisp. This is a select-fire machine gun. A highly sought high quality manufactured machine gun for the discerning Class 3 enthusiast/collector. THIS IS A NATIONAL FIREARMS ACT ITEM AND REQUIRES BATF APPROVAL PRIOR TO TRANSFER. THIS ITEM IS FULLY TRANSFERABLE ON AN ATF FORM 3 OR 4. JWK 2022-3-26
  6. Aaron - this is awesome! Thank you for doing this and sharing the pictures. I'm sure it was a very special day for all! I had just finished his book last month and it is among the best.
  7. I have noticed too this behavior has really increased on GB also. I’m kinda surprised now when someone promptly pays.
  8. Hi guys, I’d like to find one of the rare V100 ammo cans (this is my preference) or an XM23 ammo can. For predator/wild boar pack. IM if you have one you’d like to sell or if you have a lead. Thanks!
  9. I think serial number starts with a "7" on this gun but hard to say for sure.
  10. I'm not a dealer and while I have purchased on a 50/50 deal I have never sold to a dealer in that way. IMO, the dealer is offering a service much like a broker. If a customer is OK with the 50/50 deal I see no harm done. Dealers seem to have better sources for that item someone "must have" vs an individual with fewer connections. I was going to end this with "my two cents" but due to inflation I'll go with "my three cents".
  11. I think the auto marked commercial M16A2 commands a higher premium in the market.
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