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  1. Great customer service is uncommon these days so I thought I would share this small experience of mine (and note that I have zero connection to this company). One of my weapon lights got a short in it then stopped working. It was an XC-1 so I called SureFire and explained my problem. They took my name, gave me an address to send it to and said they would repair it for free and ship it back. All I had to do was pay shipping. I shipped it, they fixed it and sent it back in about a week with a note telling me if it broke again to just contact them and they would fix it again. I bought that light in 2013 and have used it a lot since then and this is the first time it was repaired. Makes me think about buying more of their products (although I have a few other items from them).
  2. 40mm ammo

    I don't have any to sell but this might be helpful. I have no connection with this seller.
  3. Transferable H&R M-14 (C&R)

    Curious why date a weapon entered the registry has any impact on determination of C&R status? Don't guns "age" into C&R status and/or have a unique collectible attribute such as these x-models?
  4. Yes, somehow the whole "love thy neighbor as thyself" concept got lost here with tragic consequences...
  5. Value of m14 transferable?

    I don’t have link but recall one just like this , NIB sold on GB for around 15k in last 12 months. A full stock NIB for similar amount. Market may be different now but M14/M1A not most popular platform of NFA weapons. Many are listed at $18-20 range but never sell. I don’t collect anything but USGI original M14’s but have monitored FA M1A prices for about 5-6 years now. List here at what you think is fair price and May sell. GB good option. Think would stay away from auction houses because premiums/fees will reduce your net below what you want.
  6. Value of m14 transferable?

    $15k give or take.
  7. HK expert BANNED from HK Pro...

    The M14 Forum was infected by same earlier this year. Many left.
  8. Freedom 9mm belt gun

    Why did they stop making them?
  9. Hey Jeff, got the hand guards. Thank you for the fast shipping and excellent customer service!
  10. M16s come down some - Morphy Auction today

    Does no price (T161) mean reserve not met?