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  1. WTB: Reising

    Thanks for the tip Ken, Will try to make contact.
  2. WTB: Reising

    Looking to buy a well loved shooter grade Reising. Can be a Numrich Parts gun or Military, Police Issue. Let me know what you have, Will ship to a C&R or can do a Form 4 in FL. Thanks!
  3. Looking to buy a Transferable Reising/Sten/MK760 They do not have to be pretty, just functional. The wife has me on a budget for my next buy, so I might be willing to buy 2 or more depending on price or a 50/50 etc. Would prefer a Form 3/4 Transfer in Florida as wait times are already insane. Will pay tax. Can Furnish references from this site and from off. Might have some Title 1 stuff for trade if interested (SAR-48 Rare 21 inch Para Model, HK91, 94, SP5K) Message me here with what you have and what your asking, or email me: Jvalhalla24NOTSPAM@gmail.com Remove NOTSPAM.
  4. Please help identify mystery SMG

    Always wanted one of these Kommandos. Good Find!
  5. WTS Spitfire smg $4500 obo

    PM Sent
  6. WTB: M3 Grease Gun Mags

    Looking for a few working Grease Gun mags. They do not have to be pretty, as long as the spring and guide work. They can not be altered. I am looking to buy about 5 or so. I would possibly buy more if the price is good. Let me know what you have
  7. First time MG recommendations

    My first gun purchase was a Stemple 76/45 a U.S. Made tube gun. While I have fancier things at this point in time the SMG is still near and dear to me and take it out all the time. If it is your first time purchase I agree with Zammer if possible try to find local Title II dealer where you can actually hold and fire the guns. Mac-10/11 are absolutely not for everyone. I like mine enough to pick up another one off the board here recently.
  8. WTS: RPB M10/9 with extras!!!!!

    PM Sent
  9. Looking for a 76/45 Burgess Suppressor. Have a Class III lined up so I am ready to go. I would also consider the Barrel Thread adapter so I can fit my standard can on it. Also looking for small parts for the MK 1 Stemple (Trigger Kit, Bolts, Etc..) Let me know if you have one you are willing to part with.