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  1. I am a novice to posting on a board. I would like to know the value of the Browning 1919, and the many extras, I own. I have not followed the values of NFA items for many years. Many thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge. I purchased this Browning 1919 in mid 1990s, and collected accessories over the years. I'm very particular. Nothing has been fired or used since at least prior to 1996. Every component has been stored in climate controlled environment (65-70 deg F and low humidity) during my ownership. I've routinely upgraded accessories as items in better condition were found and purchased. It is highly unlikely you will find a Browning 1919 and accessories assembled that are in finer condition, complete, and accurate. I've compiled these items over the past 20+ years for the joy of having the finest, not for blasting. The items are listed below, plus I can send you an Excel spreadsheet that contains some more details. I have multiples for many of the accessories. Again, thank you and best regards, Rob Hubbard dfahub@yahoo.com Browning 1919A4, Ramo, 30-06, Ohio Ordnance spades, currently set up with coversion for .308 Excellent, Safe Queen, pristine 1917 Browning Machine Gun Tripod, Model of 1917, Mfg. By Crown Cork & Seal Co., Baltimore, MD, USA. Owned since 1984. Excellent, pristine, not an import from the 1990's or later 4th leg, stabilizing leg for 1917 tripod, purchased in late 1990s/early 2000s. Like new M2 30 cal. Tripod made in 1943 by Lamson VG to Excellent, not a reweld MG 42 Tripod, bought in Germany in 2001 Like new KNS adapter for 1919 to be used on MG 42 tripod, new New Russian Maxim wheeled mount with armor plate, green paint professionally removed and finished Excellent Israeli pintel mount, convertible for either 30 cal or 50 cal Excellent Browning Belt Filling Machine, Model of 1918, not an import that came in late 1990s and 2000s. Owned since early 1982. Excellent, not an import from the late 1990's or 2000's. Ohio Ordnance conversion spacers for USGI Cloth Belt Loader for .308, 8mm, & 30-06 Like new 250 rd cloth belt, white belt, brass tab New 225 rd cloth belt, white belt, black tab New 225 rd cloth belt, white belt, black tab Excellent 225 rd cloth belt, green belt, OD tab Excellent Ohio Ordnance linker, NIB New USGI links, new, many thousands New Short barrel setup, 12" .308 barrel, barrel shroud, custom booster, runs great Excellent .308 spacers for easy conversion to .308 Excellent 8mm spacers for easy conversion to 8mm Excellent Booster for 30-06 Like new Booster for .308 Like new Booster for 8mm Like new Barrel, 30-06, WWII sterlite for extra long life, USGI Excellent Barrel, 30-06, USGI Excellent Barrel, 30-06, USGI, A6 lightweight Excellent Barrel, .308 New Barrel, 8mm Excellent USGI complete A6 Kit, 30-06 A6 light barrel, A6 carry handle & shroud, A6 stock, A6 bipod, A6 booster, not an import, not Israeli Like new Browning Machineguns, cal .30, US Government manual, FM23-55 Excellent Dept of the Army Tech Manual, Browning Machineguns/Mounts/Tripods, Manual, TM 9-1005-212-25 Like new Dept of the Army Tech Manual, Browning Machineguns, Maintenance Manual, TM 9-1005-212-35 Like new Browning 1919 Gap Gauge Like new Browning 1919 USGI tool Excellent Original wooden 1917 30 cal. ammo box Excellent Original metal 1919 30 cal. ammo can Excellent Original USGI 1919A4 Complete Kit, 30-06, this is not an import nor pieced together set of parts. I bought it HAND SELECT. Still packed in cosmoline. HAND SELECT. Complete 1919A4 Kit, .308, Israeli import. Still packed in cosmoline 1917-A1 Cradle Cover, canvas Excellent M13 Gun Cover for 1919, canvas Excellent M13 Gun Cover for 1919, canvas New In Wrapper M8 Spare Barrel Cover, canvas Excellent M9 Spare Barrel Cover, canvas Excellent Ammo box holder for tripod New Booster, for blanks Excellent M6 Flash Hider, M1919A4 Flex (M1919A6), made by Birtman Electric Company, packed 8/52 New In Wrapper M6 Flash Hider, M1919A4 Flex (M1919A6), made by Birtman Electric Company, packed 7/52 New In Wrapper Extra pintels Like new Many extra spare parts for 1919 Like new Starter tabs New Extractor tool New
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