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  1. Hello all - It pains me but I must move some of my personal collection to raise capital for a business venture. Some background - I owned a couple gun stores and an indoor range. I still have an FFL but these are out of my personal collection. Shipping is included in price and I can run it through the books if your FFL requires that firearms be shipped from an FFL. If you are looking for pristine, never touched firearms, stop reading here. I will do an honest job assessing the condition of each firearm and indicate it per the table below. These have all been handled and all fired unless otherwise noted. I will do my best in the pictures to point out any scratches or wear. I will be very upfront and send as many pictures as you want/need. That being said, I will not be uploading pictures of all of these. Please email me at the address below or PM on here and I will get back to you with pictures. I am not Amazon and am working so please be patient with me. Payment terms: Wire, Cashiers check, MO. I will ship within 2-3 days of getting payment and FFL info. All prices OBO. Trades: NO. Unless you happen to own a vineyard in Eola-Amity Hills, I am not looking for trades. Condition Ratings: Condition 5: As near to perfect as a firearm leaves the factory. Not fired by me, exceptional. Condition 4: Light handling wear is to be expected, fired but well taken care of. This is what most will be. Condition 3: Moderate handling wear, fired, anything drastic pointed out in pictures. Serviceable otherwise Condition 2: Moderate to severe wear in areas, serviceable but needs maintenance and potential wear parts changes. Condition 1: Unserviceable. Needs repairs, extensive wear. Email: mike.baryla@gmail.com - please give me a day or two to respond. Now with that out of the way, here is the list: PTR44 Package - 6 full mags (4 in unopened sleeves), 1 10rd mag, scope, about 2,000 rounds of ammo. Condition 4+ - I fired it maybe 30-40 rounds, cleaned and put away. May have SLIGHT rack marks but always has been in padded rubber Gallow racks. Price: $20,000 Now $17,000 SOLD MK46 Mod 1 - This is not a factory FN 249- This was put together by "Gun Envy LLC" on surplus/parts kit parts. Not many of these were made. It utilizes an HK pattern trigger group. Comes with full 249 stock, barrel, etc AND mk46 short barrel, para stock, and M4 style collapsing stock. A few nutsacks and links. Price: $15,000 CWA (Central Wisconsin Armory) M3HB with Tripod, links, link loading machine - Condition 3++ Fired 40-50 rounds, has transport wear, especially on barrel. $19,000 Vector Arms RPD Condition 4 $4750 SOLD SMG Guns FG42 - Built Dec 2015. Fired two mags through it, cleaned, put away. Condition 4++. Has lived its life in air conditioned vault, on rubber. This has the CA “bullet button” on it. It will need a factory magazine release for full functionality. $8500 SOLD TNW MG34 - Maybe 200 rounds through it. Mechanically condition is perfect but of course it was built off a parts kit so it has the outer wear you would expect. $9000 SOLD Marcolmar PKM Collectors kit including 4 drums, extra barrel, large wooden crate, links, etc. Condition 4+ $17,500 SOLD SMG Guns Bren Mk1 Condition 4 (has CA "bullet button" on it now, can be replaced with original, I do not have one) 5 mags included $7500 SOLD Larue - I was one of the first dealers for Larue and sold many of their rifles - Here are a few for sale, all condition 4 with some rack marks but otherwise great 7.62 OBR - Leupold Mk6 3-18 18" $6000 5.56 PredatOBR 16" $2500 7.62 PredatAR $3000 7.62 PredatOBR 18" Leupold Mk6 1-6 $5500 SOLD Larue Costa Prototype - This is a 1 of 1 rifle as far as I know. This is a sample made for Chris. It has the adjustable gas block from the Costa run but does not have the logos. Factory cerakote white. $10,000 Larue Suurg Upper kit - FDE $2000 ***NFA*** VEPR 308 "Hunter" with Russian scope $2000 SPF Tavor X95 9mm - Unfired by me, light rack marks. Condition 4+ $2000 SOLD ATI MP5 9mm condition 3 $1750 - Missing mag catch Vector V-51P Condition 4 $2000 SOLD SAN (Imported by SIG) 553P with brace, 2 mags, condition4+ $4250 SOLD ATI MP5K with brace condition 4 $2500 LMT MWS - 308 and 6.5CM barrels, Leupold Mk6 1-6 $5000 SOLD Spartan Precision Rifles 338LM in Manners T6-A, Barlein 9.5TW, 5R, #6 with spiral fluting. Leupold mk8 3.5-25 $8500 - can add 338LM AAC Can for $1200 Spartan Precision Rifles 6.5CM on Badger M2018 action in AI AX chassis. Leupold Mk8 3.5-25, silencerco laser rangefinder $9500 I think that is it for now. I will do a round 2 later on.
  2. Same exact guy. Same fake wells fargo checks.
  3. Guy that was going to buy the M2 and Mk46 decided sending fake cashiers checks thinking I wouldnt notice was a good idea. They are back up now with lower prices. I am in a real bind to move these now as those funds were allocated. Please help : )
  4. Updated what is still available and dropped some prices
  5. Hello, I am looking for the following M249 parts: Lower front hand guard assembly (RAS will do but prefer original) Entire magazine latch/pin/spring assembly