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  1. hello.. hows bore. any mechanical issues.did you buy new? why sell? thanks, Rodney. Are you a class 3 dealer?
  2. hello.still have 556. Is it new.any issues? interested!!! any more info would be appreciated! thanks Rodney. hows bore?
  3. BAR 1918A2

    hello. does B.A.R. have slow and fast fire on full auto mode? firm on price? Interested!!! thanks, Rodney.
  4. Hello. how much for the fnc? how much for the B.A.R. And when will they be shown on Sturmgewehr? or will they be shown elsewhere? thanks,Rodney.
  5. Colt M16A1,Gemtech,M4,KAC,Beta-C, MG Package

    hello. firm on price? will it fire both .223 and .223 nato? how much guieter is it with the can? how long have you had it in your inventory? thanks, Rodney,
  6. Hello.still have fnc?.looks clean!!! on a form 4,i would have to pay $400.00 before I get rifle, correct!!!. thanks, Rodney.
  7. Hello, Tony. how long have you owed rifle. why still new and not fired. I am interested, await pictures!!! could I ask your age? are you a class 3 dealer? thanks, Rodney.
  8. hello. any mechanical issues.how long have you owned,have you fired it? what would be the price out the door? Is it controllable on full auto? thanks, Rodney.
  9. hello. do you still have fn?whats the barrel length? can parts and accessories be found? thanks, Rodney.
  10. hello. do you have the owners manual? what condition would rate the UZI? how long have you owned the UZI? thanks. Rodney..
  11. PHX Arms M-14 16,000.00

    hello. hows bore.what extras come with rifle.are there any MATCH parts put on rifle? price firm? thanks Rodney.
  12. hello. hows bore.will rifle shoot .556 nato ammo. what percent would you rate overall rifle? are you firm on price? thanks Rodney.
  13. hello, rifle still for sale?was the barrel put on at the factory? thanks.fnfnc1
  14. hello. hows bore.is this rifle controllable to fire on fullauto? will this rifle use m16 magazines. very interested.i await your reply!!! does rifle have cleaning kit in grip?? are parts available???
  15. hello. do you still have a reising 50 case for sale. if so, what condition. any parts or accesories included. thanks, Rodney.