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  1. . Looking to value my Sendra Corp M2 Carbine sear (disconnector) that’s on a form-4, I’m an individual. I see a similar sear with host rifle selling for $14,995 on Dealer NFA’s website. Does $11,000 for my Sendra Corp’s sear (no rifle) sound about right? Thanks in advance. .
  2. I chased this carbine 7 or 8 years ago but had forgotten about it and owner called me out of the blue recently. This is one of the 12 production models, not one of the first 4 prototypes that are on machine gun receivers and papered as such. I know the fellow who has one of the transferable 4 and he says the 12 semi’s have never surfaced publicly until this one popped up in 2011, in fact no semi M20 A1’s were found to include in the recent The Mac Man book I have a collection of open bolt semi firearms and have samples of all the 7 various RPB Industries Mac’s produced, so this MAC M20 A1 9mm would dovetail nicely in my collection but my focus has changed to AK’s these past 6 years ..but a firearm can be genuinely rare, only one of a dozen produced, and even have some historical value... but some times a firearm can be too well unknown to be a unicorn to anyone. i don’t want to buy a boat anchor that is essentially so unknown that I loose a ton of money on it. Whadda you think $$$ ?