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  1. You would need to change the ejector and hammer spring.
  2. Ike Ike, same thing happened to me. Didn't send him any money, but the scammer got my email address and that's how it all got started. Best policy is to never publicly post your email address whether you're a buyer or a seller. Initial communication should be through IM -- it adds one more layer protection .
  3. "Robert Twiggs" Sent me an email from 5t1k1540@gmail.com in my response (to the post below on Sturm) that I would buy the gun: Notice the scammer has an email very similar to the legitimate seller's Sturm handle! The scammer wanted me to wire the funds to: Name: Mary Jane Moffitt Routing number: 273974730 Account Number: 13761 Bank name: Employee Credit Union Bank Address: 2714 Central Ave Estherville, IA, 51334. Client address: 809 East 18th Street Spencer IA 51301. However, the scammer refused to provide additional photos of the gun or to speak with me on the phone! I spoke with the legitimate seller Marty (Sturm and Gunbroker handle 5T1K1054) for over 2 hours on the phone yesterday regarding this matter and I believe him to be the real deal and a stand up guy. Nevertheless, vet every seller and do all of these things BEFORE sending any seller a dime: 1) Ask for additional specific photos as proof of life (like a Post-it note with today's date next to the gun's serial number). 2) Ask to see an unredacted copy of the ATF Form 3 or 4. 3) Speak with the seller on the phone. 4) Offer to fly, drive or meet the seller to see the gun in person. If the seller balks or refuses to provide said requested info above then walk away! Also, I like sending bank cashier's checks rather than wiring money. A stop payment can be put on a bank check but once the money is wired - IT IS GONE! You are not getting it back! This matter was also called to the attention of Sturmgewehr Board Supervisor David Albert who also vetted Marty. David suggested that I post this here. David -- thank you and WATCH OUT GUYS - these scammers are out there!!!
  4. If not already sold, I'll buy it for $20K. PM has been sent.
  5. I have one and they are awesome! Takes all factory spec parts and fits like a glove in all of my HK hosts. Thousands of rounds and no issues yet. These will only go up in value. Paid $24.5 K for mine in 2014. I should have bought several more! Good luck with the sale.
  6. PM sent on the Galil ARM
  7. ^^^^^CORRECT!^^^^^^^ Per the ATF -- If you want to be in business you need a business license and non-C&R FFL.
  8. Bob did a trunnion replacement on my C&R MG42 and it was perfect. He's one of the good guys for sure!
  9. I purchased an S&S American 180 from PoliteSociety in September. He's a stand up guy and was a pleasure to do business with.
  10. Rare and expensive, but some fully transferable AK receivers that have been converted to subgun caliber and fire from a closed bolt are out there. Chester County Armory has one for sale right now .. It's the PP-19 Vityaz which was converted from 5.56 to 9 x 19 mm.
  11. Wanting to buy MP38 magazines marked with the years 38 or 39. Thanks for looking.
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