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  1. WTB AWC MK9 Can for the UZI

    Looking to buy an AWC MK9 Can with the UZI mount. Prefer Form 3 or Form 4 in TX. Let me know what you have, and if you're interested in any kind of trades. Thanks!
  2. Wolf steel case 7.62x39

    IM Sent
  3. That would've cost $895.59 new in 2020 dollars. Pretty neat little gun.
  4. I'll take 4 and the pouch. IM sent.
  5. MG40 built into a period correct Stinger

    Very cool.
  6. WTB 1919A4

    PM Sent
  7. sent you an email for the KAC
  8. WTB: Transferable M60

    IM sent
  9. WTS Thompson M1A1 Stick Mags

    Thanks for answering the above question. I've been out and didn't have a chance to respond. MAGS are SOLD (a while ago)...

    I've got a JCB available on a Form 3.
  11. WTB:M3A1 Grease Gun Suppressor

    I just got one from here. Got one shot through it before my springs busted inside the gun. I fixed the springs but I haven't had a time to try the can out again. The one shot was nice and quiet, but it's super front end heavy. M3 Can
  12. WTB M60

    check you PM