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  1. Thanks for the reply and information. I just bought an M11/Nine stock really cheap. I don't have it yet, but I assume it will stick out a couple of inches on the M11A1, since the M11/Nine lower is two inches longer.
  2. Looking to buy an M11A1/.380 MAC, SWD upper receiver with or without bolt. Also looking for an original wire stock. Please PM me on here.
  3. I'm looking to buy an original, M11A1 .380 upper receiver (with or without the bolt), for my SMG. I need an upper that is compatible with the Zytel or ZMAG magazines. The earlier MAC/RPB .380 guns that have the large 'weld tab' in the rear of the upper and use the 'skinny magazines,' will not work for my gun. Please PM me on here. Thanks!
  4. I bought the Lage Upper from Esox, and it was exactly as described; unfired and in perfect condition! Overall, it was a very smooth transaction with excellent communication throughout. As well, Esox went out of his way to get the Upper to me as quickly as possible. If I were in the market for an M11A1, I would not hesitate to buy the one he is selling. Esox is an honest and trustworthy guy. Buy from him with confidence!
  5. I'm looking to buy a new or used Lage, MAX-11A1/380 or MAX-11A1/9 upper receiver. These are the shorter upper receivers that utilize the .380 M11A1's original magazine well. I'm not interested in the Suomi uppers; I already have the MAX-11k and MAX-31A mk2.
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