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  1. AR15 9mm Adapter

    Wanting to know what adapter recommended to run 9mm . I just purchased a 1978 Colt SP1 (select fire conversion 1984.) I have a colt 9mm factory mg upper. I have seen several adapters, just want to make sure it will support full auto. I also have colt factory 9mm mags. Thanks in advance for the help! Bwanalewis
  2. WTB Colt SP1 Carbine Upper and any additional parts. Need stock etc... Let me know what you have for sell Thank, Bwanalewis
  3. Next Subgun

    1 hour ago, MontanaRenegade86 said: This will not be my first MG, but from everyone I talk to, I also look forward to a SM II.
  4. WTB STEN Mark II

    I am looking for a Sten Mark II with accessories. Open to all makers. Let me know what you have for sale. Thanks,’ Chad San Antonio, Tx.
  5. Next Subgun

    Very good points. I think I am going to go down the modern tube with WWII parts. Thanks for all the insight. Now just need to find a good candidate. Thanks again. Chad
  6. Next Subgun

    Thanks for the information. I know I have seen some names that put these together like ERB and DLO. I guess they used new "tubes" with WWII parts kits. Or should I look for a WWII gun, or does it really matter... Chad
  7. Next Subgun

    Yes. I am looking for a sten, or information on a sten.
  8. Next Subgun

    I currently have an Uzi, S&W 76 (waiting on Stamp.) I am thinking of getting a Sten. Seems pretty straight forward, lots of parts. I know very little about the different models. Any thoughts? Bwanalewis
  9. My brother is going to be getting his stamp back for his first MG. He has two residences (Georgia and Alabama) with Georgia being his permanent. What is the process of moving the MG back and forth?
  10. FOIA for a NFA item?

    Federal Law states that all Federal Agencies have 20 days to respond, unless there are "special circumstances." So 12-16 months seems reasonable.
  11. FN FNC Questions

    I am considering an FN FNC. So there is a Sear and RR versions. Wanted to get opinions on the guns, as well as thoughts on the versions. Thanks in advance. CL
  12. ****Open to Reasonable Offers***** NIB Benelli M4 A.R.G.O. Benelli’s patented Auto-Regulating Gas-Operated (A.R.G.O.) system is a simple, self-cleaning, piston-driven action. This system is a unique, short-stroke, dual-piston design developed for the M4 Tactical shotgun in 1998 for the U.S. Marine Corps. It was later adopted as the U.S. Joint Services combat shotgun—and remains so today. The gas port is located just forward of the chamber, where the gases are hotter and cleaner. This results in less fouling and more reliable cycling. Pistons push directly against the bolt, for fast operation and minimum vibration. There are no connecting linkages or heavy action bars under the forend, which add weight 18.5 inch barrel with a modified choke, Ghost Ring Sights, a picatinny rail for optics mounting, a black synthetic synthetic stock with pistol grip and a black synthetic forearm, the length of pull is 14 3/8 inches, it weighs approximately 7.8 lbs Gun is in as new condition. Included is all of the factory parts, components, manuals. Below is a list of parts that were acquired. for the build and are installed on the gun except for the Mesa Tactical Stock. I did not install the Mesa Tactical Stock, but it is included in the deal. Below is a list of parts aquired from Freedom Fighter Tactical to make the gun 922(r) compliant. Parts aquired from Freedom Fighter Tactical some are 922(r) compliant parts* (over 500.00 dollars in upgrades.) Shotgun Follower 29.99 Replacement Forearm 69.99 Steel Full length Tube (7+1) 199.99 Wolf Spring kit 24.99 Charging Handle 59.99 Mesa Tactical Stock 149.99 Oversize Charging Handle 49.99 $ 2,750.00 (+ 50.00 insured shipping from my FFL to your FFL.) ******OBO Open to Reasonable Offers******** No CC Paypal F&F, Zelle, Check, etc...
  13. Arsenal SLR 107r *Listing Removed*

    Additional price reduction with free shipping.
  14. Arsenal SLR 107r *Listing Removed*

    Bump to Top ADDED ***FREE SHIPPING***
  15. Listing Removed SLR-107R - 7.62x39 caliber, stamped receiver, enhanced FCG, chrome lined hammer forged 16.25 barrel, 14x1mm left-hand muzzle threads, removable muzzle nut, bayonet lug, black polymer furniture, Warsaw Pact length buttstock with compartment for cleaning kit, stainless steel heat shield, 2-stage trigger group, 800m rear sight, and side rail for attaching optics. Comes with one 5-round magazine, sling, oil bottle, and cleaning kit. I have 3 of these available. All are brand new in box, only removed to take the pictures. Was 1,475.00 (each) * NO CC PayPal F&F or Check/etc...