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  1. Looking to buy Nagant revolver 1895 side plate or side cover and cylinder in original 7.62mm caliber....
  2. Looking to buy any types of Stechkin APS slide,even deactivated versions... Please let me know..
  3. Hello, Looking to buy Spectre Sites smg instruction book which have approximately 45 pages long,the one I seen sells at gunbroker.com however I cannot use that website anymore because of past stupidity one seller and at same time owner of website that had pulled on me.. He terminated my account so I cannot reregister there,be extremely careful who you asking questions about auction and certain items there.not all sellers friendly there and willing to act nasty such as complain toward webmaster.... However the instruction manual about Spectre M4 is interests me most,please let me know if anyone sells same type of instruction manual...
  4. Hello, is anyone selling their nolonger need G43 repro magazines?? If so please let me know as soon as possible..
  5. Hello, I need to buy G43/K43 reproduction magazines,please let me know if anyone willing to sell their unwanted G43 reproduction magazines...
  6. Looking to buy Sites Spectre submachine gun manual and Franchi Socimi 821 instruction manual.. Please let me know if anyone have it...
  7. Hello everyone, I looking to buy MP44 or more correctly STG44 rear sight slide housing,I had restored original WW2 rear sight blade and base where it get mount but no luck with housing where lock get insert.. Please let me know if particular MP44 rear sight slide housing available to buy.. I had checked MG42 and it much wider however with little modification would work with G43 rear sight assembly correctly,no luck with MP44...
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