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  1. If not takers soon, I guess I will throw it on GB. Willing to trade for an SR-25. jon
  2. I have a beautiful SPAS12 that I am offering to a good home. It is the rarer model with the 19 7/8” barrel made specifically for law enforcement/military. The common model has a 21.5” barrel. This is the folding stock model imported by FIE and has the paperwork sent back by FIE when they converted it to the new push button safety. It has the factory tailhook and factory sling. Everything is in perfect condition with only minor wear along the slide assembly. The price is $7k + shipping. I will take a bank cashiers check, PP F&F, or Zelle. shoot me an email for more pics or info. jon_kretzschmar@yahoo.com
  3. Hello fellow Texan, I was going to throw my NDM-86 on GB so let me know if you are interested. It is all matching and it is the 7.62x51 version. It also has the bipod, which I never see for sale. Shoot me an email and we can discuss price and I can send pics. BTW, I am in DFW. jon_kretzschmar@yahoo.com jon
  4. I am interested in the first one. Is the barrel threaded? jon
  5. I was at TPM last week and they are making another batch of SD uppers and cans. jon
  6. How bad is the pitting and the lands and grooves within the barrel? The mag has the same serial number as the gun? 100% matching? jon
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