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  1. cleaning out, need to move these. lowered pricing
  2. Will include an additional 30rd mag (9 total) and 20 rolls of bathroom tissue (just pay separate fee)
  3. Suppressor has been sold. Price for gun and mags have been lowered accordingly.
  4. Lowered the price for the rest
  5. Last ones! These last 6 have the newer black boxes instead of the green ones (as pictured)
  6. Stemple M76/45 submachine gun SOLD (NO LONGER AVAILABLE) John Stemple’s version of the S&W 76 but in .45acp. Like new condition. Newer MKIII model. Has telescoping " grease gun" style stock and uses standard AR15 pistol grips. Purchased it new from Stemple. Approximately 300 rounds have been fired through it. Was upgraded to the newest trigger assembly and "grease gun" mag catch. Now uses un-modified M3 "grease gun" magazines. Unlike earlier models, there’s no need to modify mags to work. Package - includes M76/45 MKIII submachine gun with original trigger frame assembly, and 8 (30rd) magazines. On Form 3 to SOT (e-file). Form 4 to SC resident. Thanks for looking
  7. I have lowered the price again! $2150 is a good deal for this. Just the parts kits for these (without side plates and rivets) are costing $1695 now and are getting harder and harder to find. 100% side plates are selling for $200+ (when you can find one) And that does not include assembly gigs, backing blocks, press, and other tools it takes to build a 1919 receiver! This one has side plate/receiver completely riveted, engraved, and parkerized! all the hard work is already done! The work needed to complete the internals is all that needs to be done. Can be done with a small mill or Dremel tool You 07/SOT's can easily complete as a FA post 86 sample by registering the bolt and use receiver as host gun. Which can be put back into into semi auto configuration at any time with another bolt. If you require any more information..... just contact me.
  8. Lage M-11/22 .22 Conversion Kit for the SWD M-11/9 SOLD shipped The M-11/22 is a .22 LR Sub-Caliber conversion device for use with an M-11/9 upper receiver. Brand new, never been opened (still sealed in original packaging). No need to be put on the Lage waiting list. Why wait for 3+ months........ get it now. Price $599.00 + 15.00 shipping Features: "Drop in" installation requires no modification to the upper or lower receiver. 40 round polymer magazine. Rate of fire is between 800 and 900 rounds per minute. The kit consists of the following components: 1) Bolt Assembly 2) Barrel Insert and Ejector Plate 3) 40 Round Magazine 4) Magazine Loader 5) Magazine Cleaning Brush 6) Owner's manual Ammunition The M-11/22 is designed to use .22 Long Rifle ammunition. The recommended ammunition is Remington Golden 36 Gr. .22 Long Rifle. Use only bright and shiny ammunition of recent manufacture. The following ammo also works very well with the M-11/22: Winchester Super-X, 40 Grain 1300 FPS #X22LRSS1 CCI Mini-Mag HP, 36 Grain, 1260 FPS #0031 CCI Stinger, 32 Grain 1640 FPS #0050 Use only plated bullets to minimize leading of the barrel. Use of other ammunition may cause unreliable performance. Cleaning, Lubrication and Maintenance Recommended cleaning interval is 500 rounds. More frequent cleaning may be required with suppressor use. Notes: The M-11/22 is designed to use the original low profile "Hockey Puck" style cocking knob. Other aftermarket cocking knobs may add additional weight to the bolt assembly and affect performance. The kit works well with aftermarket sidecocking upper receivers, but the rate of fire will be a little higher. The semi-auto function of the M-11/9 will not work, with this kit installed. Payment by US Postal Money Order (preferred) or check James Floyd FFL/SOT in Greenville, SC This is a factory picture. Actual unit is pictured above in the original plastic. The magazine is black not translucent
  9. Releasing 12 more of these kits
  10. Came up with some more
  11. SOLD For sale an M3A1 greasegun parts kit. Excellent condition Includes all parts except one sling loop. magazine catch shield is not shown, but is included. Thanks for looking, James
  12. SOLD (NO LONGER AVAILABLE) .308 1919A4 completed semi-auto receiver. Also included is all parts needed (with modifications) to complete receiver into a semi-auto firearm. Also included: 100 belt links Receiver was built in 2012 using US GI parts kit derived from 308 converted gun from Israel and was left over from a batch of guns that we built in that period, but these internals were never completed. Springs, cotter pins, rear sight parts, screws, and any worn parts were replaced with new ones from Ohio Ordnance Works. Package also includes semi-auto trigger, spring, and sear. Receiver is completed except for installing new rear sight parts (included) Work needed to complete firearm: Barrel extension needs to be modified to fit semi receiver Lock frame assembly needs to be modified for semi trigger and to fit semi receiver. Bolt needs to be modified for semi sear and to fit receiver. Parts kits are scarce and demand a premium. Most of the hard work (building the receiver) has been done for you Notes: Must be shipped to FFL. Can also be used as host gun for "Post 86 Sample" by 07/02 FFL. Will also include FA sear and trigger (if buyer does not have 02 SOT...these parts will be removed) ALL NFA rules apply Thanks for looking