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  1. i got a like new gilbert 12g shotgun ,,i bought new shot 5x when became a d.d. a dealer dewatted it for me ,,cut 4 inches off rear part of reciever ,,gun is complete and like new all internals are exc would sell complete unit only if intrested p.m. me with phone # i,ll send pics ,,if u want pic of specefic area tell me david
  2. pm me i have a mp44 bolt that new or mint condition i would sell for the right price
  3. i.ll take one if it,s still available ,,send pm for immediate ck.with mailing details thanx
  4. send phone # i will call ya I HAVE THOSE PART YOU SEEK
  5. i still have the twin mount hit me up on a top dollar offer ... the offer u sent previously was poor i had 3 of these and 10 years ago sold one to a museum in st, louis for 50% more and they sent a truck and driver 15hrs, to pick it up that had to cost???? and the other one sent to chicago by freight truck 7 years ago shipping was 1700,00 so consider in your offer how close we are 3hrs, away ,,thanx david
  6. I have FN FAL made in the 60"s that is unfired with a very unique serial number. It is Israeli heavy bbl version with bipod. I'm looking to get $8500. This rifle cannot be improved upon. The serial number blows it out of the water. Email me if you need pictures.........Not cut for a sear.
  7. i,m looking for some guide bars new or used ,,pm me if u got some to sell THANKS
  8. i got a m46 or mk22 twin 50 mount with armor and sights is new ,,and it,s right around the corner in the russian state of maryland near towson e me if intrested
  9. i have 2 of these will call u on monday,,, i.m looking for a bolt got any i got other parts to trade
  10. looking for anm2 bbl, support either stripped or loaded ,,NOT BRITISH ..thanks
  11. i got that stock in green in all but perfect condition ,,pm me with e mail or phone will do pic,s if needed thanx david
  12. let me preface by saying gun is like new/ 1st, owner shot it like 300 rds and it was too noisy and the neighbors complained i,ve had it like 22 years shot 1 mag to function test i got it when owner sold all his class3 to me and i kept it because it is soo nice mint gun 10 mag,s aall look new asking 30k ..pm me if intrested
  13. if your looking for a like new..not repainted RR g3.... pm me but if your looking for a beater to cut up this one is not for you,,,,thanks
  14. how about a phone # i,m local and would like to arrange for 10,000rds of available ,,,thanks
  15. 3,000 on the maryland/pennsylvania border brand new never used
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