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  1. I got it & USPS Mo will go out on Wed. My address will be included with payment. Thank You Gary
  2. I am have difficulty with my paypal. The credit card I had linked was compromised and closed by the bank. What a hassle, but I guess it is better than getting victimized. I added another card but does not seem to be switching over at paypal. I can pick up a USPS MO tomorrow for $70.00. I just need address. Thank You Gary
  3. I sent this 2 days ago & just realized it did not go through. "Great,done deal. how would like payment ? " This new system seems great ,however I am still figuring it out. Sorry for the delay. Gary
  4. I will take all three for $100 if that is acceptable. Let me know. Gary
  5. Will you do $340 for both delivered ? I can get a USPS MO on its way on Monday. Thank You Gary
  6. I offer you $45.00 for the flat base magazine delivered. Payment can be made with USPS MO or discreet paypal. your choice. Thank You Gary
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