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  1. Would like excellent to new condition Mk 23 suppressor , have NFA trade items as well or cash purchase. Greg PP Corp.
  2. Royal Arms modifies Mossberg m9200 12 ga shotguns to fire and function with standard and low power rounds they make and standard 2.75 and 3 " shells. The barrel is shortened and a breaching muzzle brake is permanently installed to legal overall length. Has side saddle and holds 5 rounds in tube. Test fired in excellent condition. $ $1595
  3. Have a new unfired M76 Sporter sniper rifle in 8mm Mauser, gun is made with Yugo M76 original parts and assembled by Century Arms International. Comes with manual, scope and mount, bayo, 3 mags. $$2300
  4. Have up for sale a Like new in box Full size UZI Pre-86 Dealer Sample that can be kept by sole owner FFL/SOT. Looks test fired only and has original box, carry bag with pictured accessories. We never fired it, too nice to shoot, in storage for years. $15000 Shipped no CC fee. E Forms on form 3.
  5. Up for sale is an interesting handgun setup that sure to be a conversation piece or bad guys movie gun. I had this 357 desert eagle with a long factory barrel. I asked Ralph at RDTS to see if he could duplicate MP5SD barrel, contour, threads and ports on the pistol barrel. He was able to do it well as you can see in the images. Has HK factory threads and contour. Will take HK SD suppressor as well but the RDTS HE is heavier duty and a bit quieter. With the RDTS HE suppressor it cycles 357 mags and cuts a good portion of the sound down.Pistol comes with standard 6" barrel with scope mount. The suppressor is included.. 38 Specials are very quiet but will not cycle the action. I'm sure you could tinker with the recoil springs to make it cycle properly with 38 special or .38 plus p loads. Fun to shoot and very unusual. Suppressor on form 3 for eform transfer. $1900 plus shipping. No CC fees.
  6. Its a Pre-86 dealer sample and is not transferable to individuals. A sole proprietor FFL/SOT can keep the gun when they five up the FFL.
  7. We listed this semi auto 7.62x39 pistol in the NFA forum because it sear or SBR prepped. The pistol has the bolt carrier modified to G3 spec. The end cap is threaded for an AR tube/stock ,folder, or arm brace. Like new condition with original case. Comes with 1 30 round mag, case manual. Add another caliber to your registered trigger pack. $950 shipped , No CC fee.
  8. Up for sale is our HK MP5SD Pre86 dealer sample. This gun was refinished by RDTS inside and out and looks new. Bore is excellent.The matching serial # suppressor was refinished with Cerakote. A new o-ring was installed and the bolt refinished as well. Has a new SEF plastic housing. Gun is unfired since restored. Will Eform on form 3 to any FFL/SOT. $26K shipped No CC fee.
  9. Up for sale is an excellent condition Pre86 IMI/Action Arms import Mini UZI. Was in a NJ PD, in storage and hardly used. We only test fired it a few times and it runs great. It will transfer on EFORM on form 3 to any FFL/SOT. $16K shipped overnight no CC fee. Comes with 1 30 round mag and manual.
  10. Test Test.
  11. PP CORP

    WTB Mk93

    Hi Brad, A while back I made some Stainless MK93 soft mounts modified to have brass catcher, link catcher and rear swivel block that accommodates the 1919A4 and variants as well as the M2HB. The links are old but I can send you more images id interested, has stainless ammo can holders as well , Work great $2900 Greg
  12. The the ATF registration form shows 1921 as the model. Let me know if you have any more questions or interest.
  13. Need an RCBS Ammo master 2 , Hollywood, or CH4D Rock Crusher press threaded for 1.5" dies. Have the Boyes Dies, need a press and priming tool. Let me know what you have.
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