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  1. This forum appreciates prices. Can you please post ETH amounts you would take for your transferables.
  2. Check out the man's crest over his mantle! Epiiiic PS Just noticed the inlays as well!
  3. BUMP Had a lot of talkers that couldn't produce, if you have a side plate or complete gun please PM me.
  4. No I have it with a dealer in TX on form 3
  5. I have a MAC Powder Springs M10/45 on a form 3 that I would like to trade for a SWD M11/9. I will include a MAC factory 45 upper, a MAC factory 9mm upper, 3 greasegun magazines. This is very early 1972 M10, and will be C&R status in 2022. Let me know what you've got.
  6. Ruben, are you taking the March 8 ,1972 date from the date stamp on the original box? Is C&R status of > 50 years truly based of date of manufacture, or is it the date of registration?
  7. Looking for a post sample parts kit, minus (destroyed) receiver.
  8. That guy with the Catco never went anywhere, he just went radio silent after some strange messages. Bump
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