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  1. Set of brand new Colt factory M4 carbine handguards with double heat shields $40.00 shipped SOLD used USGI M4 carry handle A-7roll mark/ Anchor Harvey, wear around the edges. $70.00 shipped SOLD Buy both for $90.00 sbipped text 904-25four-5six30 for pictures
  2. Replied to your email and it said undeliverable. text me 904-254-5630
  3. The following handguard sets are made in the US and have stainless metal heat shields. AK74 ribbed black plastic $25.00 obo Krinkov ribbed black plastic $50.00 obo 1 Magpul MOE black hand guard set with heat shield $35.00 obo 1 Bulgarian 24x1.5 mm 7.62x39 standard muzzle break $50.00 obo WILL CONSIDER REASONABLE OFFER ON A REMAINING LOT PURCHASE. WILL GIVE SOMEONE A GREAT DEAL ON THE REMAINS AS A LOT 1 SAW type AK pistol grip free with any order All prices are shipped free. contact me directly at kaaksbeck@comcast.net User Info
  4. New USGI Beretta 92FS/M9 9mm 15rd mags with rub marks No mfg name listed or inscribed but has msn numbers on body and floorplates LIMITED NUMBER OF THESE REMAINING AS THESE ARE SELLING FAST 5 - $60.00 shipped 10- $110.00 shipped 20- $210.00 shipped contact me directly at kaaksbeck@comcast.net for pictures NEW BATCH IN WITH REDUCED PRICES
  5. I’ve got a M11/9 smg with an older C&S Metalwerkes TASK slowfire conversion I had them do a long time ago. Is there anyway to get a more of reduction on the rate of fire possibly by using a specific M16 buffer to do so? Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated. I was leaning to LAGE upper but rather just stay with my TASK conversion and didn’t know if one had a significant reduced rate of fire than the other.
  6. Pre-owned mint condition Midwest Industries AKSM side mount Fits AK47, AK74 etc etc that have the side scope rails.Asking $90.00FREE SHIPPING Contact me through here or directly at kaaksbeck@comcast.net
  7. Older M11/9 scope mount. Attaches to the older uppers with top charging knobs by clamping to the grooves in the upper. Pretty solid platform. $35.00 shipped free Contact me here or directly at kaaksbeck@comcast.net
  8. Ran the MAC with the Mepro 21B optics and my 1st Gen Bowers CAC9, it was very accurate at 25 yards ... I use a regular vertical grip when not using my can but when using my can I use a supressor lock to avoid backing out ...
  9. New in the box Ontario Knife Company survival knife $45.00 SHIPPED FREE Contact me here or directly at kaaksbeck@comcast.net
  10. I've only used the upper s few times over the past 15 or so years as i always used my beater uppers to burn up large amounts of ammo. I had sent my can to Tom many years ago and he serviced the can along with updated baffles for free. ... We keep you all updated as I gotta solve this issue next week as I'm leaving for the Creek the week after. I think the Mepro 21B will help a lot. .
  11. Many thanks. It has a task slowfire conversion from Metal Werkes many many years ago along with a heavy buffer on an ACE full stock and an Autowekes front vertical grip. Muzzle rise isn't a problem as i never do mag dumps due to my wallet since ammo has risen so much over the past 20 years. Checked my BOWERS CAC9 1st gen can and looks like there's no baffle strikes. Threw an Mepro 21B on it to see what i can do and I'm gonna try some different ammo. Gotta get it tuned up for the Creek in April. Thanks again
  12. Many thanks, gonna run it without the can and use a Mepro 21B on the rail. I'll also run it with the can and the Mepro to see if there's any differences. On semi it was all over the place but that was with the can and the HK sites. Gotta get this going asap for the smg competition at the Creek. ..
  13. I have a M11/9 smg with an older Autowekes HK sight upper i bought from Erik many moons ago. ... I ran it with some Wolf 9mm and my 1st Gen Bowers CAC9 can. Couldn't hit the broad side of a barn at 10 yards and further. Any recommendations for using these HK sights, what rear diopter setting to use and/or a different front sight insert? I was thinking about buying some HK front sight inserts and do some experimenting by reducing the height of some of the inserts to see what effect ot would have if any. I've got no problem changing ammo or running it unsupressed if that would help. Any ideas, experience or recommendations would be appreciated.
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