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  1. Hi Phil I have an HK 4 with all accessories including each caliber. Let me know if you are interested...thanks! I can't load pics I guess, but email me at iapplejedi@gmail.com and I can send you some chris
  2. Do you have pics of the sr9. What about the box and stuff? Thanks!
  3. It is so hard to say...I for one am in the market for a stainless m13...I'd pay $4000 for it, but without a box I wouldn't even be interrested...doesn't help much, but I'd say you might get $2000 on gunbroker? Most guys might simply want these for shooters...
  4. Those matching boxes make all the difference in the world. The mid $3000 and mid $4000 would be appropriate with the boxes. Without them, the price is much less...do you have pics you could post?
  5. You happen to have any UMP 45 magazines?
  6. Perhaps you all are missing the point Neo is trying to make...
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