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  1. Message sent
  2. COLT M16 In 9mm Mint Condition

    Emailed you about this.
  3. please delete

  4. You still have the type d stock? If so, how much?
  5. J A Ciener Hohrein Mag for AC-556 Question

    Sorry, my pic wouldn't post. Pm me with a number I can forward a picture to, or an email address.
  6. J A Ciener Hohrein Mag for AC-556 Question

    Here is a pic of a new in box one. Hope this helps...
  7. Ac556 kit

    Wanting a demil ac556 kit. Let Mel ow what you got, and how much...
  8. WTB: Ciener .22 kit for AC556

    Looking for a .22 conversion kit for an AC556.
  9. WTB Ciener .22 conversion set for 182 series Mini 14

    I am interested. I would like to see pics and prices.
  10. WTB: AC556 .22 conversion

    Yeah, not really wanting to deal directly with Cierner. Ordered an AK kit a few years ago, and a few month later I receivedy check back in the mail. I have also heard of many similar A-hole type moves on his part. Looking to buy one from someone who had on hand (like yourself).
  11. WTB: AC556 .22 conversion

    Looking to buy a .22 conversion for an AC556. Let me know what You have and how much