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  1. WTB PTRS-41 14.5mm barrel

    Got ahold of a PTRS in need of a new barrel. Would like an original or if anyone out there is able to make a new one that would be fine.
  2. WTB 1919A4

    I have a 1919a4 upgraded to an a6 in .308. Comes with a tripod and a custom wheeled mount. What’s your price range?
  3. WTB m1918 tank gewehr bolt

    Just looking for a complete bolt assembly. Any condition.
  4. WTB Marbles Gamegetter barrel assembly .410, .22

    I have several complete sets with block and sights. 1908 and 1921 12-18". Also have just the Barrels themselves.
  5. I am looking to buy any parts for any models and variants. I am particularly interested in Game Getter sights.