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  1. You can request to speak with the seller or ask for custom photos of the item in question with specific items also on the photos.... Works all the time.
  2. Exactly, They simply don't want firearms shipment but won't say so. Very poor deliveries and now more policies not in favor of firearms owner and dealers.
  3. I like to read the Declaration of Independence on this day and reflect on it and how the times sometimes mirror the time when our declaration was written. Happy 4th of July, my friends
  4. I have bought a handgun there in the past, it was nothing but smooth sailing.
  5. I guess its just different state laws, I have sold some AR upper and rifles and shipped directly to buyer's ffl guy...No issues. I usually through in a copy of my ID with it.
  6. China and the Democrats so hate the freedom of America. Always attacking the 2A, they will continue until we push back.
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