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  1. MP5 semi auto trigger pack with trigger work, slack takeup eliminated, over travel reduced for quicker reset. low 4# crisp break $235. HK93 wide hand guard, nice and solid light use marks. $69. MP5 full size vented hand guard, US made, like new $20 HK91 PTR marked black slim hand guard, like new $15 B&T MP5K folding stock assembly, like new $209 Email if interested, Bill
  2. Up for sale is a New MP5 improved bolt head, complete drop in unit. This has a swing arm style extractor and coil spring, instead of push out extractor and wire spring. Also has the MP5F style front relief cuts. HK came up with this design but never brought it to production for the MP5, It did make it to very late other roller lock calibers, but was short lived before production ceased. $265 Email if interested, Bill
  3. Very nice rifle, all matching serial numbers, excellent bore. No rust, pitting or major dings. 90%+ original finish. comes with cleaning rod, sling and custom made butt stock sling attachment point. Looked for years for an original, but no luck. Email if interested, Bill
  4. Very nice rifle, all matching serial numbers, excellent bore. No rust, pitting or major dings. 90%+ original finish. comes with original sling. Receiver marked England, tonnage proofs stamped on barrel. $579 + shipping. email if interested Bill
  5. All parts are HK except for the match sear spring and 1 pin. Set up for .308, has a 4.5# trigger job. Can set up for .223, 9mm and .40/10mm with the proper hammer spring and ejector. at additional cost. 9mm, .40/10mm trigger pull will be about 4# due to the lighter hammer spring. $269 Email if interested, Bill
  6. Unit is in nice condition, comes with 2 each modified grease gun 30 round mags and 1 virgin mag. Has a 4.5# trigger job from Price is $1459 + shipping to your FFL. Bill
  7. Up for sale is a newer MP5 clone build, LSC flat, RCM bolt carrier group, trunion and barrel. Bolt gap is .015" with standard rollers, around 100 test rounds fired. Trigger parts are all HK with a 4# trigger job by, also has latest generation HK ejector that rides high up in the bolt head for positive ejection. Paddle magazine release done well and comes with a 30 round MKE magazine, has minimal movement when inserted. $1289 + actual shipping to your FFL. Email if interested, Bill
  8. Very nice condition Beretta AR70 .223 rifle, bore is excellent and shiny, 98% original finish, comes with rare bipod and 2 each 30 round magazines. $3589. Thanks, Bill
  9. WTS a Galil in nice condition, with original sling, and 4eac 25 round magazines. 95% original finish, $2849.. email if interested Bill
  10. WTB HK G36 3X single optic

    Looking for a nice one with clear optics, please IM me what you have. Please no scam a few of these already and due diligence figured them out. Thanks, Bill
  11. Belgian FN FAL PARA w/Extras $5K

    Looks like a type 3 receiver. Bill
  12. WTB: BM59 Para Tri-Comp

    Apex gun parts has them. Bill
  13. Both are like new. P220 Match elite Single action only, 45acp, super crisp 3# trigger pull. Light weight frame, stainless slide, super accurate. Has factory box and paper work. $889 Para Ord P14 expert, .45acp match barrel, factory match barrel and fiber optic front sight, 3# crisp trigger pull, has 2 magazines, factory box and paper work. $699. Shipping is $29 to your FFL. Thanks, Bill