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  1. Thanks all for your comments. Very helpful. I remember a similar situation in 1991 when I wanted an AR-15 and never owned one before. Really was not informed at all on any black rifles. I just kept asking questions and the answer was a COLT for function and resale value, or BUSHMASTER. I bought both over the years and was happy with both of them, but in fact, I liked the BUSHMASTER better. But, on the Thermal scope, not too much time left to find something that's affordable and functional before the SHTF! ha. Lane
  2. Interested in information on a Thermal imaging rifle scope. What is a specific Brand/Model/Price that you can recommend? I know there are bargain basement models-prices and then the "real deal" models-prices. Which brands to avoid? Etc. Would rather get informed first then spend the $$. Might install on a .223 or .308 rifle. Thanks. LaneC
  3. Rarity of Orlite AR 30 Round Mag?

    gftiv, perhaps you are correct. It's not a big deal anyway. I've got what I need in the firearms world, but every once in a while something happens I need some help with or have a question about. If I subscribed to all the forums I look at, I'd be broke since I am a retired guy, not making the BIG BUCKS any longer! ha LaneC
  4. Rarity of Orlite AR 30 Round Mag?

    Mike, what paper clip? ha. I was a member of the old Sturm for many years. Mostly bought items but sold some as well. Never had any problems then and there. I have posted photos here on the new site before, not that long ago when I replaced my buttpad for a Namibian buttstock. Seemed to work well then. Oh, looked back at that post. It was via Photobucket before they dreamed up their extortion plan to pay-up or all photos will be blurred out. Ha Not sure why I cannot post photos from my computer storage. Who knows? LaneC
  5. Rarity of Orlite AR 30 Round Mag?

    Mike, I pulled the pics out of my personal photo library and they were all well under 100KB. They loaded on the page fine. Once I said to SUBMIT the post, they went away. I found the receipt and they came from Lew Horton. I saw where Lew Horton Dist was calling it quits as of Dec 2019.
  6. I bought this mag from one of the vendors in Shotgun News in 2002. It was advertised as "sanitized" for CIA black ops. Also had the "stops" milled off for use in other rifles that use AR mags. I haven't seen any of those for sale in a long time. Anyone else? Thanks, LaneC I had a nice pic included, but the system did not post it with the text.???? I cannot delete the first two attempts to post this one.
  7. Where can I post to ask the value of an item? In other words, not to be sky high or dirt cheap, posting an item and asking general value of it? General firearms discussion area? Lane C Or, can we list an item with MAKE OFFER price?
  8. I remember, years ago, when Coca Cola took the "original " Coke off the market for a new formula. Wasn't long before there was an OUTCRY to return to the original formula of Coke! Now, I doubt that Colt had this in mind, but I bet there will be a steady interest in getting Colt to re-enter the AR-15 market. And in the mean time, Colts will steadily increase in value like all the "pre-ban" rifles did in the 90's. It's more of a psychological thing than a physical thing. "I want what I cannot have" syndrome. I sold a couple of Colt AR's years ago but kept my Trusty Rusty BushMaster. And, to replace the AR's I sold I bought a Sig 556 with the AK style gas piston. I actually like that better than an original Colt AR-15. But, that's just me. And, wasn't Colt planning on moving some of their manufacturing out of CT and into TEXAS? I'm not aware that ever happened. Maybe so.
  9. I checked back with Mike at DS Arms. He told me that the part that fit was the Metric butt pad. Part #100H. So, for all the other Namibian buttstock pads out there falling apart, there's your fix. Lane
  10. I got the Buttpads from DSA in this morning's mail. Cannot tell which one is the Metric pad and which is the X-Stock pad as there are no part numbers. But, I think the X-Stock pad is the one that fit. The other was close, but wouldn't fit without trimming the buttstock itself. I'll try to find out from DSA which one is which so I can document the correct one here. Both pads. I feel the pad on the right is the X-Stock. Subtle difference between the two. Flip sides. X-Stock pad (?) almost ready to install. Pad installed. Very nice fit. Good for another 20 years! I couldn't ask for a better replacement part. Thanks Buddy! Lane
  11. I called DSA and they suggested ordering the Metric AND DSA X-Stock buttpads and return the one I don't use. So, got them ordered and will report back on the results. Thanks, Buddy. Lane
  12. Buddy, yes, it's worth a try. For $20 plus shipping, might work. I may call DSA to see what they think first. Thanks, Lane
  13. I have an HK-91 (clone) with a Namibian stock set I found and installed 20 years ago. It has a plastic buttpad that has just fallen apart. In other words it is just disintegrating over time. I've looked on the several H&K parts sources and have found nothing. Does anyone know of a replacement buttpad or where I can find one? Doesn't appear to be anywhere close to a factory HK-91 buttstock/buttpad, so no help there. I'll get a photo soon. Thanks, LaneC
  14. I think this has gotten off to the idea that someone is going to illegally create a machine gun. This is not the case at all. The person that is suggesting the conversion to the M1A owner is a licensed C3 guy who runs a legitimate business. Based on what I was told, the end result was unclear to me, but, there's lots of things about the NFA world I am ignorant of, to be sure. My main question was, what would category would the rifle be in AFTER any such modification for a so-called registered auto-sear. I feel sure that we all know such items (auto-sears) are NFA controlled and one better have all the paperwork to possess one. But, could the rifle (by itself) still be sold as any other semi-auto rifle or would it require some NFA papers to be sold? Or, would it require papers to even modify before hand such as SBR conversion? Personally, I refuse to enter into the NFA world because of all the sticky wickets such as this, as a "little" knowledge is dangerous. Besides, my pockets aren't that deep! ha
  15. I know what I was told, but not sure my friend does! haha. He definitely said M1A. Maybe his gunsmith told him wrong. Who knows? The whole conversation was strange to me, that's why I questioned it. I suggested for him to buy a transferable M16 and have fun.