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  1. Original 1887winchester reciever $ 150.00 shipped 100 years old no ffl needed
  2. I machined it out for the mag its very hard Rockwell 60. Alot of fluid keep it cool. And lubrication. carbide end mill. Cleaned it up with a dremil and 1/8 end mill till the mag slide in . I've done several this way
  3. Springfield reciever MACHINED OUT SLOWELY bm59 stock Bm59 trigger frame 1mag $800 + shipping FFL ITEM Good start for a bm59
  4. WTS post sample port said and Suomi m31

    M31 Suomi 1,200 + shipping
  5. Looking for frames needs to be a reasonable price And a romanian tt33 slide
  6. Port said swedish k in jungle tiger strip $1800 + shipping post sample law letter Iook at the picsk9 Also m2hb rhsp came off a post sample $500 law letter
  7. Port said swedish k in jungle tiger strip $2,800 + shipping post sample law letter It is a tube gun on a really old demil Iook at the pics
  8. Wts PPSH 41 Post Sample

    yes it does full auto with the adapter but you have to use mp40 semi mags
  9. Ok 40+ 10 shipping 50.00 Thomas eggstaff 904 vista park dr carson city nv 89705
  10. New made mag well 45.00+ shipping. you trim to length new made barell trunion 45.00+ shipping
  11. Barell schroud attachment for bayonet 40.00+SHIPPING
  12. Very nice m3a1 semi it looks like only test fired ex condition 18 inch barell with fixed stock. And one mag. Some little scuffs. $1950+ shipping
  13. Wts PPSH 41 Post Sample

    NIce example of a ppsh41 post sample in 7.62x25 with 1 mag .Comes with the mag adapter and barell for 9mm .Adapter set up for mp40 semi mag not included $ 1,400+ shipping LAW LETTER. Required
  14. mix of parts look at pic 75.00 +shipping