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  1. All that's left is the sling. Best offer takes it.
  2. So no one makes a m11 beta mag is what your saying. What's the mod I'm missing?That doesn't look any different than mine. Let's see the inside of the can and the followers. And yes show me this mod. All I see is a drum that shows me nothing in your pic.
  3. If you have the M11/9 C&S drum please post pics and show me how the drum I am selling is incorrect or a fake so we can compare it. I'd really appreciate you backing up your claims that I'm misrepresenting this piece. And that link to m11 betamags too please. Thanks
  4. Thanks, I really did a lot of research prior to buying this drum. I really never expected people to bash me about it on here. If your interested PM me and if work out a deal with you. If you receive it and don't think it's what you paid for you can send it back. I have no doubt it's authentic and it runs like a champ. I ran it a few times without a bump at all.
  5. No if you look at the followers you will see it's different.
  6. The reason I have the spring wound is to show the dummy rounds which shows it was C&S. I just spoke with an employee of C&S last week and he confirmed the case. So unless he was misinformed I'm going under the assumption that he's correct. If I'm misinformed I'd gladly keep the case. I don't doubt the authenticity of this drum one bit. Your offer means nothing. I don't do business with people that look to start arguments online. It a waste of everyone's time. So just move along and go bash something else you know nothing about and please leave my ad alone. I assure you I will sell this and that someone will be happy with it. Thanks for your worthless two cents.
  7. This case was confirmed by C&S when I called them as the case they offered with the drum. Also, there were a lot of drums made for the mp5 ect. But only about 100 for the m11. And as far as I'm aware there is no beta mag for the m11. These are very rare and harder to come by.
  8. Wow all that for you just to be a knob. If you don't want it or disagree with my price you can just move along to the next ad. Nice job Internet tough guys.
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