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  1. WTS: HK USP 9 SD with Octane 9 HD

    I have a similar setup. Price has went up a bit. I have a Octane 45 HD as well. I’m not sure about the mount but the piston is easily replaceable to fit whatever thread pattern you need. I’ll check current pricing and post here or call you.
  2. I have a SGW M16 receiver. Mine is forged. Some of them are slightly out of spec and uppers fit tight or not at all. That’s not really as bad as it sounds. Careful sanding fixed mine for the most part. I ended up having a smith make it perfect. I spent a little over $200 to fix it and that included some type of oven cured finish. I would imagine a lot of them have already been fixed. The only other downside is the mag well is a little tight. GI mags are fine. Pmags fit but don’t reliably drop free.
  3. Price reduction. Asking $1,800 each plus actual shipping.
  4. Yes, both are available.
  5. Open to reasonable offers.
  6. I have a couple of full custom firearms built by Investment Grade Firearms. The MP5 was registered by IGF as a SBR. It was rolled from a MKE flat and assembled from a nice parts kit. Everything including the internal parts were refinished. It's nice, I'm only selling because I recently purchased a dealer sample MP5. The mount and optic pictured are not included. I'm asking $2,000 plus actual shipping for the SBR. It will transfer on a paper form 3. Also have a nice 33K pistol built by IGF. It too was rolled from a flat. It has a welded on rail and case deflector. It has new German furniture and navy grip. I'm asking $2,000 plus actual shipping. I'm going to try to post some pictures here but I'm somewhat computer illiterate. Happy answer any questions and to text serious buyers all the pictures they need. PM me here or email me at
  7. A friend and fellow dealer asked me to buy his remaining suppressor inventory because of his health. He made me an offer too good to pass up. I would like to sell everything as a package so I've priced it to move. Everything is on my books ready to eFile. Will now sell everything individually. See new prices. Can possibly discount multiple items just let me know what your looking for. Yankee Hill 1 Phantom .308 direct thread. $350 3 9mm Cobra M2. $350 each 6 Phantom .308 M2 quick detach. $450 each 1 Phantom .223 direct thread $350 1 Phantom .223 quick detach. $450 3 Phantom Titanium .223 quick detach , 2 missing mounts. w/mount $675. 2 missing mounts $650 each 1 . Phantom Titanium .308 quick detach. $675 Gemtech 2. Trek Titanium .223 $550 each 1 .45 acp UMP $500 Advanced Armament 1 M4-200 $500 Asking $7,000 for the package plus shipping. That's $350 a can. Email me any questions at
  8. WTS: MAC 11s with MAX-31K uppers.

    Mac's are sold pending funds. Thanks
  9. I have a couple of MAC 11 frames that I built up with machined fire control parts from FTF. I installed Lang molded grips, folding K stock, MAX-31K upper, and front grip. Each gun includes two 72 round drums, two coffin mags, and coffin mag loader. I'm asking $7,500 shipped for each gun. Guns are unfired. I have manually cycled the action to test safety and trigger function. Everything is in new condition. Only a few minor handling marks from assembly and inserting mags and drums. I'll try to get pictures up soon. I'll gladly email any serious buyer all the pictures they need. I have additional coffin mags available to the buyer. PM me or email me at
  10. All the MAC 10s are accounted for. Two are sold the other two are sold pending funds. MAC 11s are still available. I've lowered the price to $5,750 shipped. These are nice and shouldn't last long. I can discount price if you buy both. Probably not going to go any cheaper.
  11. I forgot to list my email address. That's probably the best way to get ahold of me.
  12. I have a few registered MAC frames for sale. I had Sam at Practical Solutions go over all of them and reparkerized them. They look good and are ready to build. I have two MAC 11 .380 frames available. They have the small mag well. They were both in the white, unfired, and missing a few welds when I received them. Sam finished them so they are pretty much new old stock. I'm asking $6,000 shipped for each frame. I also have two MAC 10 frames in 45 acp. Asking $6,000 shipped for one and $5,500 for the other one. The discounted one had been shot at some point. It was laying on a table and somebody had an AD. Sam really impressed me with that one. His repair is basically invisible. It takes a very critical eye to even notice. A less honest man probably wouldn't even mention it. I have a FFL/SOT so they will transfer to your dealer on a form 3. I'm an eFile user so hopefully that will speed up the process. Funds up front to start the transfer. Can do 50% down and the remainder when paperwork to your dealer clears but you'll need to add an additional 10% to the price. These are priced to move. The first I'll take it gets them. Be glad to talk with serious buyer's. I'll try to get pictures posted but I'll email or text you all the pictures you could need to feel confident with your purchase. Would also consider trades for pre May dealer samples. Also interested in high end night vision goggles and related gear. Thanks John Springle, Moderator Sales
  13. Looking for a 9mm Mini Uzi heavy bolt. I'm also looking for full auto Mini top cover and a 3 lug Mini barrel. Please private message me and let me know what you have and what your asking. Thanks