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  1. long over due for a bump up.
  2. As Stated above I have a Izhevsk 1943 dated M91/30 Mosin Nagant surplus rifle it has a varnished stock with surface scratches in the varnish all over. otherwise the rifle looks pretty good. It is not a sniper & it is not the hex reciever. It is just a plain "ole round receiver. Forgot to mention, all matching numbers, I believe. Contact me here or call or text me at Seven Seven Three - 447 - Eight thousand Darek. $350 shipping included or FTF in North or North-West suburbs of Chicago... Something to think about: Just a couple years ago you could get one of these for around $100. A year from now you will probably have to pay $450 - $550 for one. s
  3. M72 LAW Launcher Help & Parts Needed

    No one here collecting these toys?
  4. yes, still have the mags but I don't need the cash any more so they are selling as a lot. I do not want to deal with one or two at a time...
  5. Do you know if this would work with any of the piston kits? I would like to roll my own Piston driven AR with this setup if I could.
  6. Some Rare Goodies! Being sold ONLY on Sturm ! I Have: 2 - Original Factory New Colt 7 round Blue Magazines for the 380 Government and the Mustang Plus II Models. ( one is still on the card the other I took off just to see how it fit my 380.) 1 - Original Factory lightly Used 6 round Blue Magazine for the smaller Mustang or Pony. (It has very, very, minor wear on the follower and two tiny surface rust spots on the body that I can probably rub out with a rag and oil.) The three Mags all have the : Pony, "M", and Colt .380 Auto. on the base plates. they are not the aftermarket junk selling on Fleabay for almost $40 each! I need to get $114 shipped Priority Mail for all 3 magazines , (I know all 3 do not fit in the larger pistol, but that's life...) I also have some cut up parts of Colt 1911 .45 belonging to the US Army. These are all scrap parts that do not match. Every single part is from a different piece. Even though I have the slide pieces lined up for the pic, none are matching, and the pieces are just laying next to each other. The front and back of each slide is not attached in any way or form. They are just laid out neatly. and none of the front pieces came from the back pieces. What you see there looks like four slides. But it is actually 8 pieces from 8 different slides. Just to be clear... So, Seal them in clear plastic and create a bunch of paper weights! Or use them as guides for engraving your Colt Army 1911 Clone build! $30 Shipped to lower 48 for the lot of parts... First Person to Message me gets the items they want. But Payment will be required by PayPal right away. If you want to buy today and pay tomorrow or next weekend, let's not waste each others time...
  7. Hello experts! I recently picked up one of the early M72 LAW Launchers I would like to restore the basic function, (NOT actually firing explosives!), cosmetics, and then maybe make a Flare launcher or maybe a T-Shirt Cannon if possible? As far as function goes, the inside tube only pulls out 1 3/4 inches... I had to spray the heck out of it with WD to get it to move at all. It was jammed shut and would not budge. The line that pulls on the firing pin is either missing or fell back inside the firing or trigger mechanism assembly. There are two straps that seem to hold on the whole firing assembly. Could something in there be jamming up the tube? If I take the two straps off will that be enough to remove the trigger assembly, or will I have to drill out the three rivets on each side also? The parts I am looking for are for the early model M72 and NOT the M72A1: So here goes, I am looking for: Front Cap with carry strap assembly Front Sight The Black "US ARMY" Sticker that wraps around the whole tube at the front The Rubber Boot on the Trigger or firing Mechanism The other Rubber Boot that goes on the end of the tube at the 3 o'clock position (looking from the back of the tube) I know that I can find some of the parts on the Bay, but I was hoping someone would have them all for sale and if not then I would rather buy it piece by piece on a forum rather than give my money to the @$$ Wipes that run the Greed Bay. Please Message me or post a reply here If you have any of the parts for sale or can give me any advice.
  8. ok, am I supposed to guess why you gave me your email address?
  9. WTB: M72 LAW TUBE

    That may be the going price now, not sure...Last one I saw was around 30-35 years ago. Asking price was around $200 back then. I should have grabbed it then.
  10. Hello again, I have a Mint, like new condition, PASGT Flack Vest For Sale. NSN # 8470-01-092-8501 (11.0lbs , 4.9kg) First Question: How do I know it is New, Old Stock, Never Used? Well, check the collar! if it was ever worn, even for a couple days, it would have sweat stains from the operators neck! This one is clean! This Piece is Dated 1981 and it is an Extra Large. But I am 185 lbs & 5'10" and it fits me just right. Woodland Camo. Weekend Sale Price : $175 Shipping included to lower 48 ONLY where it is Legal to own. Message me here or text at : Seven Seven Three - 447 - Eight Thousand.
  11. WTB: M72 LAW TUBE

    Sorry for butting in, but if the price is right, I would be interested in a few, (or few dozen), just for theatrical props or future investment. ( But I am an old fart, so I can not wait 50 years to make a $5 profit on each...)
  12. WTB: M72 LAW TUBE

    How Much $ ? Quantity is not an issue, Price is always the key...
  13. A Kick up for the month. Do your research online then grab this deal before someone else does!
  14. Ok, No BULL SPIT! Price drop to move them NOW! $225 for the ten Shipped! That comes down to $20 per Mag plus $18 for Priority Mail Shipping plus $7 for a half pint of lubricant for the throat! Don't quote me on this but I don't think you will find USGI Mags at this price.
  15. Hello fellow enthusiasts, I have 10 USGI Grease Gun Magazines for sale. They are 30 rounders I believe, 8 are: SPW GL C-153427 & 2 are: KL GL C153427 Obviously USGI Surplus Mags about 3 or 4 have pitting I think only 2 have large areas of it. 4 or 5 have one or two at most each, tiny dings in the sides and all have minor scratches. Couple of the pics the mags will look crappy because the grease had not been removed. I am trying to describe best I can so no one is dis illusioned thinking they are getting NEW Mags. You will NOT get new mags! As all you guys should know, these are THICK solid Mags. So any of the cosmetics will not have ANY effect on function. Which means they should all function as well as new ones. There is ONE that has rust on the top end and follower. So you will have to clean up, ( Sand), the follower and top end of the mag, before you can use it. Now, I only took the baseplate off of one. But inside it did look brand new! I need to get $20 each so that would be $200 for the lot plus $25 for Priority Mail Shipping!