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  1. I have those on my 1917, 1919, and M2 and they do work great. I don't know if the fightlite has enough room for one though.... Would be a good option if so though.
  2. I have one, but haven't really seen any wear yet. Could the feed trays be nitrided to help? Or would that not work due to possible warping?
  3. I posted on 1919a4.com too, but if you're looking to rid yourself of this I'd be happy to buy it...
  4. Haha! Ok, that makes more sense now! I was pretty sure I bought them off this forum. Sorry about that. Going to go order one from you now. Thanks for your time!
  5. No, it was just the envelope with some o-rings. That's why I was wondering if I purchased something else. You are Alex K, correct?
  6. Hi Alex, I ordered a 1917 set a bit back, but I didn't receive a brass ring... just the o-rings. Was I supposed to get one?
  7. Hi gents. I'm in need of a water jacket filler plug for my build. Unfortunately, BMGparts is out of stock. Anyone have these lying around? Any condition is fine with me at this point. Would prefer a red filler plug, but won't be too picky at this point. Thanks! Please email me at Molonlabe1977 (at) gmail.com
  8. Are you selling any PKM parts separately or just as an entire kit?
  9. LOL... Way to revive a total necropost! Btw, I bought one of these receivers from them when they originally posted this. Quality looking part. Still sitting somewhere in a box with a cetme kit waiting to be built.....
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