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  1. He's actually a sales guy and we would be putting together a website etc and he would be doing sales calls with agencies etc. He's about an hour away and wanted to make sure he didn't have to drive 4 hours most days to pickup and return items. All transactions would be out of the FFL address on my permit. Jason
  2. Looking at adding someone to my FFL/SOT as a responsible person. He would be sales and I wanted to know if he could possess C3 (suppressors, pre-may & posties) off premises for sales visits etc. Would he have the same abilities and responsibilities as me as the current sole RP on the FFL/SOT? Thanks for the info. Jason
  3. Wanted to buy M73, M73E1 and M219 feed tray parts (have feed tray, need the other parts) and complete charging assembly. Thanks Jason
  4. They are aftermarket guns and not original manufacture. If they were made prior to 1972, then most likely will transfer as C&R.
  5. I just filled out a form 1 for a standard m16, going to send it in with the 200 and wait for the denial. Then I have standing.
  6. Anything in the works to challenge the NFA, GFA and FPA with the new ruling? Based on the ruling, I'm pretty sure GFA and FPA can fall b/c of age. I think there will be some resistance in the NFA community by those who want to protect their status and money put into their collections. I have a bit, but willing to see the value decrease in order to start importing fun stuff from overseas and being able to build own stuff at home. Thoughts?
  7. I received my GL M3A1 and think it's better than the pictures showed. Very happy!
  8. Looking for the following item for either a M7 or M2 flame thrower wand, they are basically the same.
  9. Looking for a m14E1 or M14A1 Stock and sling. Thanks Jason
  10. Maramount? Saco? Who is listed as manufacturer.
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