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  1. I have a NIB Green Label 6520. Shoot me an email. Thanks
  2. Steyr Arms in Bessmer, Al has had them in stock quite resently.
  3. Stupid question. What is an IP address. Thanks Rodney's Gun Sales, Meridian, Ms
  4. I own several built on Nodak Spud receivers. They are beautiful weapons. They were built using serial number rifles parts kits, by appearance, possibly unfired.where the receiver was cut up and the barrel and other parts were imported as a parts kit. Chrome lined bore and chamber, adjustable gas system. You probably know these weapons have the bulged RPK type front trunion. I have lots of new Yugo 5.56 mags. I would sell one. I would not know what to ask at this point. I would have to pull them out. Now I noticed you said M90. Mine are I am sure the M95 but I could be wrong.
  5. Email is the only way to go or at least the best way.
  6. I talked to Bryon today. They have sent me some serial numbers. No form 3 yet.
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