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  1. This is a Pre-pay dealer sample. So, if you are not a dealer, you cannot own this. It is a keeper of you ever decide to let your SOT expire and does not require a law letter to purchase. Excellent condition. Not matching numbers of that matters to you. . It runs well with the Romanian ammo Ive tried. -Spare barrel and bolt -AA tripod-several belts and links. I have alot more continuous belts that aren't shown-50 rounds drum-1700 rounds of Romanian Ammo in sealed cans-930 rounds of Turkish ammo in bandoleers in super condition-Approx 1200 rounds of mixed ammo. A very small percentage of this looks bad (corroded primer), so I would pick through it and discard the bad-reproduction transport crate. It has a few pieces of wood unglued on the inside that will need put back. -some translated operator manuals$12k and I prefer pickup ot meeting somewhere close to Hazard Ky for the accessories. I can also deliver the parts and accessories to Knob Creek. I will ship the receiver once the form 3 clears. Also consider trades for DTA SRS-A1 package or something transferable in the same price range. . Also in need of a spotting scope in the $1500 and under range.
  2. Excellent condition Premay MG34. Not all numbers matching, but it runs great. I've been using the Romanian ammo. also have another spare barrel, complete bolt, belts, and other small parts. Asking $11k or trade for transferable mgs of equal or lesser value. Not included in the cost, but I do have over 2 sealed crates of Romanian ammo and an opened one. Also lots of older mixed ammo that can be pulled and used for components. I will negotiate price and shipping with the buyer seperately if the gun sells. Tripod not included.
  3. I have several Dead Air Ghost 45m and Wolverine PBS-1 silencers in stock. Please call, text, or PM for pricing. Steve Pointman Firearms (606)438-9921
  4. TBAC is getting ready for their yearly group buy again. This means great savings for all of us. Also, just about everything is available and on the shelves right now. Registration starts October 31 and goes u til November 25. How this works is simple. You go to TBACS website and register. This will get you a code that entitles you to the 10% discount. Give that code to me when you call to order and you will get 10% of MSRP cost deducted from my already low prices. https://thunderbeastarms.com/news/2016-thunder-beast-arms-group-buy/ Below is my price list of in stock items, along with the discount listed next to each one . For out of stock items, TBAC can get me serial numbers instantly therefore the delay will be minimal. Eforms has the form 3 wait times down to 3-4 weeks. 22 Takedown $370 - $39.50 .223 Ultra 7 CB. $915 - $99.50 .223 Ultra 7 DT. $870 -$94.50 6.5 or .30 Ultra 9 CB $1100 - $119.50 6.5 or .30 Ultra 9 DT. $1055 - $114.50 6.5 or .30 Ultra 7 CB. $1010 -$109.50 6.5 or .30 Ultra 7 DT. $965 - $104.50 .338 Ultra. $1680 -$179.50 (not in hand, but I have 2 more incoming) PM, text, or call Steve (606)438-9921 Pointman Firearms
  5. Dead air Ghosts and Wolverines are now available as well
  6. Below is a list of TBAC cans that I currently have in my posession. 22 Takedown $370 .223 Ultra 7 CB. $915 .223 Ultra 7 DT. $870 6.5 or .30 Ultra 9 CB $1100 6.5 or .30 Ultra 9 DT. $1055 6.5 or .30 Ultra 7 CB. $1010 6.5 or .30 Ultra 7 DT. $965
  7. The world has not ended with the implementation of 41f and I still have plenty of Silencerco and TBAC cans in stock. I also have Dead Air Ghosts and Wolverines available. Below is a Silencerco pricing list. Please message, text, or call for questions and availability. Osprey micros are on sale for $349 or I will include one for free with the purchase of any 2 non rimfire cans that I have in stock. Pointman Firearms (606) 438-9921
  8. What exactly is FOI paperwork and how does it apply to machineguns???
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