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  1. Early 70's PS guns. Both new in original boxes. 1 is on a form 3 and 1 is on a form 4 in AL. $7500 each shipped. Consecutive #'s if interested in the pair.
  2. Selling a new SWD M11/9. Excellent. Form 4 in Alabama. $8500 shipped.
  3. New in box. Registered in .45 and 9mm. Setup in 9mm now. Proper welded Texas Mac. 7000 shipped.
  4. I have 4 new BMP HK93 receivers up for sale. They are all new with zero issues. Must be shipped to FFL. I can send pics if needed but it's just a raw receiver. $300 each no less.
  5. I have 2 consecutive sn guns. Both new in box. These are both set up in 9mm but could be changed to 45. Proper welded Texas macs. One is on a form 3 at my dealer and the other is on a 4 in AL. I have plenty of references in the community. No low ball offers as price is firm.
  6. FNC is at my dealer. I will get pics this weekend. 13k . Sorry for delay
  7. 4 position pack, 3 round, 3 lug with A3 stock. Sear moved by Curtis at S&H. VERY low round count. Marked MP5. Like new condition. I have plenty of references here (including Buddy) and over at HK pro. I can email pics but not until tomorrow eve. It looks absolutely new with one small blemish near magwell. I also have an FNC (full stock) and several M/10's .45 and 9mm NIB at my dealer's on 3's that I may post up soon. Thanks for looking.
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