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  1. I am out of the 308 game, and have these 20 round KAC SR-25 mags left over from stockpiling. These are new never been loaded or fired. There is handling wear due to being stored in a box. They have the newer black follower. These go for $75 ea but I just want to get rid of them, they are just taking up space. I am asking $50 ea, but I will do better if you take them all. Better stock up now!!!! Here is a link to some pictures... http://s1155.photobucket.com/user/37choptop/slideshow/KAC
  2. I have 7 Tan or Dark Earth Glock 22 mags with +2 extension. I sold my Glock 22 and found these while going through my stuff. I have no use for them. These are very rare and hard to get. Price is $50 each plus shipping.
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