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  1. So you are saying that his ownership of the weapons is not affected by a valid C&R license once the transfer has been made? He is not going to buy any more MG's, but may choose to sell 1-3 of them in the next two years. Can he get his C&R license renewed without having to worry about his 5 existing transfers being considered forfeit? He lives in Michigan, a Class III friendly state. thx, Alfons
  2. Here is a situation a friend of mine has: Casual collector with C&R license of over 20 years 5 registered class III in collection no transactions (bought or sold) in last 8 years, last license purchased expired September 2014. So he has now noticed, almost two years later that his C&R license expired in September 2014 with no record of renewal or follow up contact from ATF. He assumes that the license was not renewed as his last license is dated "expires Sept 30, 2014" and he has no new license and had not written a check to re-apply for the 3 year license. He should have one that states "expires September 2017". So what should he do?
  3. I have an MP40 that has lost one of the windage adjusting screw (bolt?) from the front sight assembly. Can you offer any suggestions where to find a replacement, or am I doomed to replacing the entire sight assembly? thx -- Alfons
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