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  1. Have a S&H Arms Mp5sd host Conversion SBR with an SD S&H suppressor. Built on real HK. comes with beta mag/ SD cleaning Brush/ B&T folder/ extended charging handle/ B&T rail System/ MFI rail/ collapsible stock / loader / mag release extender. This is ready to go full auto. 2 stamp gun on form 4 in NC at FFL SOT so fast form 3. was gone over by Ralph at RDTS 15 years ago. AG code on FA carrier, any questions let me know. Asking $8,750 OBO. Matt Heimlich 818-399-3160
  2. WTS: Colt factory m16 form 4 NC

  3. Form 4 Transfer questions

    Dang! look at the brain on this guy! super sweet answer that has some documentation... can't ask for much better than that. Thanks b_san
  4. Form 4 Transfer questions

    My FFl sot is one of my best friends and I help at his shop so good option to transfer there...thanks for input.
  5. Form 4 Transfer questions

    I am torn, feel like it would be good to get a jump on form 4 to my ffl sot but might add hassle/ extra step...honestly i never had any issue selling in the old days on form 4 and usually sold items within 1 to 3 days... surprised at lack of movement /offers or even questions on my factory Colt M16a1.. was wondering if it was the form 4 nowadays being a deterrent, if it was the price usually someone would let you know you were outside the blurred lines. also was surprised at the disappearance of subguns board.. haven't sold in 4 years but i know that frank had scooped it up and changed it up. always used Sturm anyways but liked to research going prices. any info on what happened to subguns?
  6. Form 4 Transfer questions

    right on thanks.
  7. Form 4 Transfer questions

    Thanks guys appreciate the info... any thoughts on pre form 4 to my ffl sot to save some lead time? Or just lump it and keep on 4 till sells?
  8. So can I change all of it pics and text and title or only certain parts ... thanks for the quick reply!
  9. was Looking to sell all German MP5K host done by RDTS with 80's new factory correct German 3 lug barrel. Updated German full auto Carrier group. been shot. B&T folder. wondering how much they go for now and if its worth selling since the new release of the SP5K? saw some for around 8k a while back and original sp89 going for 6k or more but just looking for a feel of the post sp5k waters.
  10. listed a package containing a transferable m16 machine gun in nfa item for sale and want to redo add to just be the gun itself for sale with new photos and was wondering what the correct process to basically redo the add from scratch by canceling it and doing new or editing and scorch earth the existing and repopulate. it is rare i sell and remember the old days of Buddy spot checking adds prior to 2016...just want to do the proper way.
  11. Form 4 Transfer questions

    Am listing a machine gun to sell and is on form 4 in NC. have sold many over the years and always form 4 to same state class 3 dealer then form 3 to other state dealer. was told that you can form 4 to other state dealer directly? but my understanding is you could only form 4 personally within state. any clarity would help. I know everyone wants to buy one on form 3 so I was also thinking i might start the form 4 to my dealer so it can be sitting there ready to move out of state. thinking that i can always pull the form 4 if i sell it within my state. thoughts?
  12. WTB... Colt M16 or M16A1 Fully Transferable

    just asking, I assume you found one already? i have listed one but is on form 4 North Carolina. Matt Heimlich 818-399-3160
  13. WTS: Colt factory m16 form 4 NC

    Transferable Colt factory M16 asking $29,800 Matt Heimlich Stokesdale NC 818-399-3160
  14. Transferable factory Colt M16A1 full auto on form 4 in North Carolina, this is not a converted or dias rifle but factory manufactured. this has new Colt marked fire control group (comes with old original Colt group as well) still has original cleaning kit in stock. never actually shot it with this upper (has been fired before I bought it ) used as host for lwrc piston upper and set up a shrike on it for a week or so. I would say its in excellent shooter condition. Asking $29,800 Matt Heimlich Cell 818-399-3160 heimyguy@yahoo.com M16A1 full auto on form 4 in North Carolina, this has new Colt marked fire control group (comes with old original group as well) cell 818-399-3160
  15. built a Mp5k n years ago with a new German n barrel date coded J8 1e and has proof. cant find any info on that date coding on mp5k barrel online and am gearing up to sell and want to represent it correctly. any help would be great. purchased barrel 8-12 years ago new from adam hk parts. big fat penny if i remember correctly.