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  1. Fightlight MCR bolt catch sucks

    Looks great, not doing that to my transferable Colt receiver.
  2. I have tried Fightlight's standard bolt catch as well as their Extended Bolt catch (don't waste your money). It is almost impossible to clear a misfed in the prone or locking the bolt back to the rear with 100-200rds hanging on the gun. Had my local gunsmith design a one piece bolt catch, ensuring it would have clearance for the mag release and anti-roll pins. He was able to modify an existing bolt catch. End result is pretty good, works better than expected. I don't care what it looks like just that it functions. Works with UpTight boxes and no issues with standard MCR 100rd nut sack mount. I am getting another for a friend of mine. Passing on their information, paying forward to the NFA community, I don't make a dime, Stumpies Custom Guns, 910-617-7723. https://imgur.com/jkZ9DVq https://imgur.com/vA5Yh1f https://imgur.com/Qbr5LMb https://imgur.com/w1bANoZ https://imgur.com/mZWZgCQ https://imgur.com/lA7wLpH
  3. Form4 transfer times

    Submitted 6/29/20 Approved 11/4/20
  4. Are valmet conversion a franken-gun or work as well as the original?
  5. We have resolved the issue. I have received communication with the dealer. Dealer stated the listing was on auto-list and due to his schedule of his day job he was unreachable and just missed that the auto-listing was there.
  6. Item 577721081, transferable 1919 was for sale on gunbroker last week. I reached out initially via gunbrokers query link to ask the seller a question. Below is the email chain of our conversation since the initial inquiry. I thought I was on track to go up to Maryland this coming Saturday to provide funds and inspect the item. To my amazement item 579181605 is on sale on gunbroker this week. Exact same pictures, and description. Sure he could have more than 1 for sale but since he didn't call me and hasn't responded since repost the exact same ad, I am calling bullshit. Buyer beware. I am confused. I thought we had a deal, so why is the item back on gunbroker? I am posting our email chain to subguns and sturmgewher and let the NFA community judge you. Aaron Dempsey Sent from my iPad On Aug 21, 2016, at 8:32 PM, BRIAN WALKER wrote: > Aaron, > > I'll call you tomorrow, and we will see if we can work out a time for Saturday. I know i have an event most of the day but should be available in the late afternoon, early evening. > > Brian > > > From: aaron dempsey > To: BRIAN WALKER > Sent: Sunday, August 21, 2016 8:28 PM > Subject: Re: Question regarding GunBroker.com Item #577721081 > > 202XXXXXXX > > Sent from my iPad > > On Aug 21, 2016, at 8:24 PM, BRIAN WALKER wrote: > >> Aaron, >> >> You still interested? We can arrange for you to inspect it. >> >> Brian >> >> >> From: aaron dempsey >> To: BRIAN WALKER >> Sent: Sunday, August 21, 2016 8:02 AM >> Subject: Re: Question regarding GunBroker.com Item #577721081 >> >> Let me know if it sells, I will pay 17.5k. I am in XXXXXXX VA and could personally deliver funds and inspect the item. I am a resident of AZ so I would have to transfer to a dealer there. Is it on a form 3 or form 4? 1919 does really fit what I have been collecting but I figured with a tripod and t/e, it would be the best platform to introduce my kids on. Just let me know. >> >> >> Thanks, >> >> Aaron Dempsey >> >> Sent from my iPad >> >> On Aug 20, 2016, at 11:37 PM, BRIAN WALKER wrote: >> >>> Will run belts or links. Reserve is 17500.00 >>> >>> From: aaron dempsey ; >>> To: BRIAN WALKER ; >>> Subject: Re: Question regarding GunBroker.com Item #577721081 >>> Sent: Sun, Aug 21, 2016 12:56:34 AM >>> >>> Does it matter if you run links or cloth belts in it? >>> >>> Just let me know if you sell it. I won't ask about our reserve since I find it a touchy subject when asking sellers. I am in the neighborhood of 17k. Looking for 1919 or Fleming Steyr Aug Pack, which ever comes first. >>> >>> Thanks, >>> >>> AARON DEMPSEY >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> >>> From: BRIAN WALKER >>> Sent: Saturday, August 20, 2016 1:28 PM >>> To: dempseya >>> Subject: Re: Question regarding GunBroker.com Item #577721081 >>> >>> Yes, it was built at my shop about 20yrs ago. We have built hundreds of 1919s and never had a problem from one of them. >>> >>> From: dempseya ; >>> To: FFBWMD ; >>> Subject: Question regarding GunBroker.com Item #577721081 >>> Sent: Sat, Aug 20, 2016 8:13:29 PM >>> >>> GunBroker.com >>> GunBroker.com User Message >>> A message has been sent to you by a user of GunBroker.com. Please scroll down to the MESSAGE FROM USER section below to read the text. >>> The "From" name on this email is the sending user's GunBroker.com user name. To reply to the sender, click your 'Reply' button in your email software. >>> -- BEGIN MESSAGE FROM USER -- >>> Do you know who built the gun? >>> -- END MESSAGE FROM USER -- >>> This message is regarding the following item: >>> Item Title: 1919A4 Transferable Machinegun w/extras >>> Item Number: 577721081 >>> SKU: >>> View Item Listing >>> GunBroker.com Safety Tip: For the safety of our buyers, we offer a few guidelines to completing a safe transaction on our auction site: >>> A user should not request payment for an item before the item listing has ended, and should not contact you directly to sell items to you directly. Doing so may be an attempt to defraud you, circumvent the GunBroker.com commission system, prevent the ability for you to place feedback in the event that you are not a satisfied customer. >>> If you receive communication from any user that you feel violates our guidelines, may circumvent our commission fees, or that you feel may defraud you or other users of our site, please click here to confidentially send us questions about this activity. >>> GunBroker.com Policy Tip: You are NOT authorized to keep any email address provided to you via this message system. Using or keeping the sender's email address for any purpose, other than to finalize the purchase or sale of THIS particular item, without the recipient's direct approval, can result in termination of your account. 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