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  1. Vickers Guide Book Collection

    All the books are SPF.
  2. Vickers Guide Book Collection

    Lowered price.
  3. Hi, I've bought all the limited edition Vickers Guide books for awhile and haven't used them like I expected to. They are all like new and I would love to sell them as a group to someone that maybe missed the early ones or wants signed limited edition (LAV signed them all saying "Molon Labe!"). Asking $800 shipped. Thanks,
  4. Yes, both are still available. NIB. I haven't put much effort into selling them, hah!
  5. WTB: Galil SAR barrel

    Looking for the shorty SAR barrel with 1/7 twist.
  6. WTB: Galil SAR barrel

    Hi, I'm looking for a newer factory Galil SAR barrel. Thanks,
  7. WTS: Norrell 10/22 Suppressed MG

    Hi, I might do $18k, but not $15k. Sorry. It's not often you find an excellent condition Norrell pack and Suppressor and host all in one like this. Best, John.

    Hi, I'm looking for a transferable JCB manufactured RDIAS. Thanks,
  9. Why does your suppressor registration say "R.T.D.S"? I thought it was "R.D.T.S.".
  10. WTS: Colt M16A2

  11. WTS: Colt M16A2

  12. WTS: Colt M16A2

    Hi, I have an excellent condition auto-marked transferable Colt M16A2 machine gun for sale with an unfired new M4A1 SOCOM upper. The receiver's typical dark gray finish matches well with newer black uppers. On a Form 4 in Nevada. $SPF.