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  1. Suomi stripper clips

    I sell them. $5 each.
  2. Biden’s “ assault rifle ..... solution “

    Magazines do not have serial numbers. How will they be registered?
  3. Suomi Stripper clips

    I sell them. $5 each plus $5 shipping. Thanks
  4. Suomi 9mm Stripper clips

    I sell them for $5 each plus shipping.
  5. Lage suomi drum mag carriers

    How much are they worth?
  6. WTB: Full Auto PPS-50

    I have one on a form 4 in Arizona. It is a registered receiver. I have mags and drums. Mgpriceguide says $11000. I would take less $10000? Scott Cornelius 480-206-3102.
  7. WTB front sight for a Swedish K Port Said SMG.

    Do you also need the spring steel retainer?