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  1. I’ve got more stamps than I care to admit and I miss the old days where a lawyer could sell a HK MP5 twice, a jackass from PA would throw my Tommy gun in a box and mail it and the guy at the NFA gun store told me I couldn’t buy the M60 with consecutive numbers NIB because I already bought one from him. lol. The old days sucked.
  2. WTS SWD M11-A1 380

    Any interest in selling the Lage upper by itself? Regards MR 60
  3. They rescinded a deal I made with them so yeah. Proceed but they charge a lot and are no Rubin! Regards MR 60
  4. I remember you telling me to “take my divorce seriously or I’d end up living in a cardboard box behind Walmart”! I did but I still lost the house I built, my kid I took care of everyday and all the land I hunted. I made the best recovery known to man though. Still in Ohio until my little one graduates school. I have a few houses with one being a beach house. My kid is really doing good and my new wife supports my NFA addiction. The world I’m leaving her though is a lot different than the one I grew up in. Too many left-leaning wackos in charge. Luckily she’s like her daddy and gives two shits of other’s opinions. I hope life is going good for you Robert. I liked your place in VA too bad it the area around it changed into a shithole Here’s to making it through the next 4 years!
  5. I worked in VA some 30 years ago and it was very conservative but the lib bastards from MD and DC invaded and really shitted the place up badly.
  6. WTB : M79 40MM grenade launcher

    Ok I’ll send all pertinent info in the morning.
  7. WTB : M79 40MM grenade launcher

    I have a really nice one if you are still interested I will go and look at it and the paperwork. It’s in perfect condition and comes with TRW strap and barrel end cover.
  8. Bad news today for me...

    Bob I thank you for all your advice in the past. I closed on a vacation beach house in FL last month. Which means I didn’t end up living in a box behind Walmart, a very distinct possibility! Hopefully the doctors find a way of keeping the wheels on you for a long time to come. Wishing you well Bob.
  9. SAR East Show

    I am definitely going and I'm going to be looking at all those pretty Tommy's and anything else with a fun switch.
  10. Hey Bob what was the total amount for NE VA?
  11. WTS para ord 45's compact's

    Are those Warthog models?
  12. DLO side plate transferable 1919 set up in 30-06. References available. 16.5 K Buyer pays shipping ins and tax Thanks for looking and take care! Thanks Albert boys and Buddy!
  13. Tightening up a Westie

    Hey David, thanks for the heads up! I never got into that far. Didn't realize all the info available. It's a great site and being a NE Ohio boy looks like there are a lot of guys and events to meet and go to with my 2 Westies. You and your brother are really doing a great service. I hope these sites pick up some younger guys to keep these collectables in good working order and out running through 45 ammo. Regards, James P Gough
  14. Tightening up a Westie

    Will increasing the diameter of a frame latch tighten up a West Hurley Thompson "a little bit". I'm not really that familiar with all the workings of my Westies but I'm learning. I've taken one apart cleaned, oiled it and made quite an improvement over first receiving it. Maybe some day PK will get them to really do a full deal on them.