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  1. NIB Ingram Mac 10 in 45 cal still in box and wrapping never oiled nice and minty. On Form 4 in Ohio. SPF M60 trunnion gun by Specialty Arms of Springfield Ohio. Beautiful gun with feed chute attachment on side. Gun comes with one spare barrel and barrel bag. I shot 100 rounds thru this gun once about a year ago and it ran great. Cant say if it was fired prior to my ownership but it looks great. On form 4 in Ohio. SPF I have references and will have NFA attorney do paperwork. Buyer is responsible for Tax Stamps, Shipping and Insurance. You can contact me for pictures or questions you have. MR 60
  2. I have a few Mac 10s listed here. You can text me for more info pics etc. MR 60 James P Gough jpaulgough@gmail.com
  3. I’ve got one with if interested pm me.
  4. I’ve got more stamps than I care to admit and I miss the old days where a lawyer could sell a HK MP5 twice, a jackass from PA would throw my Tommy gun in a box and mail it and the guy at the NFA gun store told me I couldn’t buy the M60 with consecutive numbers NIB because I already bought one from him. lol. The old days sucked.
  5. Any interest in selling the Lage upper by itself? Regards MR 60
  6. They rescinded a deal I made with them so yeah. Proceed but they charge a lot and are no Rubin! Regards MR 60
  7. Ok I’ll send all pertinent info in the morning.
  8. I have a really nice one if you are still interested I will go and look at it and the paperwork. It’s in perfect condition and comes with TRW strap and barrel end cover.
  9. Bob I thank you for all your advice in the past. I closed on a vacation beach house in FL last month. Which means I didn’t end up living in a box behind Walmart, a very distinct possibility! Hopefully the doctors find a way of keeping the wheels on you for a long time to come. Wishing you well Bob.
  10. I am definitely going and I'm going to be looking at all those pretty Tommy's and anything else with a fun switch.
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