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  1. I have a few Mac 10s listed here. You can text me for more info pics etc. MR 60 James P Gough jpaulgough@gmail.com
  2. I’ve got one with if interested pm me.
  3. I’ve got more stamps than I care to admit and I miss the old days where a lawyer could sell a HK MP5 twice, a jackass from PA would throw my Tommy gun in a box and mail it and the guy at the NFA gun store told me I couldn’t buy the M60 with consecutive numbers NIB because I already bought one from him. lol. The old days sucked.
  4. Any interest in selling the Lage upper by itself? Regards MR 60
  5. They rescinded a deal I made with them so yeah. Proceed but they charge a lot and are no Rubin! Regards MR 60
  6. Ok I’ll send all pertinent info in the morning.
  7. I have a really nice one if you are still interested I will go and look at it and the paperwork. It’s in perfect condition and comes with TRW strap and barrel end cover.
  8. Bob I thank you for all your advice in the past. I closed on a vacation beach house in FL last month. Which means I didn’t end up living in a box behind Walmart, a very distinct possibility! Hopefully the doctors find a way of keeping the wheels on you for a long time to come. Wishing you well Bob.
  9. I am definitely going and I'm going to be looking at all those pretty Tommy's and anything else with a fun switch.
  10. DLO side plate transferable 1919 set up in 30-06. References available. 16.5 K Buyer pays shipping ins and tax jpaulgough@gmail.com Thanks for looking and take care! Thanks Albert boys and Buddy!
  11. Hey David, thanks for the heads up! I never got into Machinegunboards.com that far. Didn't realize all the info available. It's a great site and being a NE Ohio boy looks like there are a lot of guys and events to meet and go to with my 2 Westies. You and your brother are really doing a great service. I hope these sites pick up some younger guys to keep these collectables in good working order and out running through 45 ammo. Regards, James P Gough
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