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  1. I will take these. 3-Smith Wesson 645 45acp $30 3-P220 45acp 10 round $40 each
  2. I’ll take the scar barrel.
  3. WTK- Purchase SMG's from LE Agency

    It depends. If they have paperwork and they are on a form 5 then yes. If they just used grant funding to purchase then yes. If they were obtained through the 1033 program then no. NFA obtained through the 1033 program are just “on loan” to the agency and remain US gov property. There is no NFA paperwork on 1033 weapons. The feds are exempt and are not required to comply with the NFA.
  4. 40MM Grenade Launcher ammo
  5. Transferable Iver Johnson M2 Carbine F3

    sent you a PM
  6. Transferable Iver Johnson M2 Carbine F3

    Any interest in a NiB M11/9?
  7. I know this is an old thread but Colt did provide factory letters for machineguns at one time. I have one for my transferrable M16A1 which I purchased in 1998. It showed the original configuration and showed it was shipped from Colt to an individual in 1995.
  8. Pre 86 Samples owned by a Corporation

    Q1: Yes Q2: yes, but check with BATFE on the current corp regs regarding responsible persons.
  9. wts-special Glock parts kit-

    How about a picture? I have no idea what you are selling. Is it a complete firearm?
  10. FOIA Response: MG Count

    Plus many machine-gun owners own multiple machine-guns so the number of owners of transferable machine-guns is much lower than 100,000. I mean, who owns just one?
  11. Sent you a PM for pictures and more info.
  12. Beretta AR70 opinions?

    I just had one built. $400 plus my kit for the build with no refinish. Kits used to be around $400 but I haven't seen one for sale in a long time. Figure around $1000 give or take with a decent finish. If it has a new barrel add around $200 for that. Mags are around $65. Make sure you check the bore for pitting. Many of the Malasian kits had a lot of pitting inside the barrels, particularly at the muzzle end. Most of them still shoot fine but you could use it as a bargaining chip. They shoot beautifully with excellent smooth trigger pulls. I have an original beretta sporter ar70 that is unfired. I originally bought the kit for spare parts but decided to have it built into a shooter and I am glad I did. It's a smooth reliable rifle.