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  1. I will take one M 16 kit and both extra mags. Please PM payment options.
  2. Colt most likely had the receivers produced and in their possession. They then destroyed the originals and remarked new receivers. A practice that is completely legal and logical but hasn't been allowed in almost 20 years I believe. Colt may have done this on their own or with BATFE approval, who knows? Manufacturers routinely do this with non-nfa items such as pistols. You can send your non-nfa firearm to the manufacturer for repair and they can send you a new pistol with the same or different serial number right to your house without going through a dealer. Kel-Tec is doing this right now to upgrade their sub-2000 rifles. You get a completely new rifle with your old serial number sent to your house. They may add a digit to identify the rifle as a replacement but that is not required. They frequently just issue a completely new serial number because it is cheaper than re-serializing. Serial numbers were not even required on long guns up until the 1968 gun control act or somewhere thereabouts.
  3. Lots of strange things were allowed and disallowed over the years. Registered (factory, not drop-in) AK and M16 sears were married to receivers post 86. Stens were transformed into Sterlings. There were changes needed if the original manufacturer didn't do the conversion, however original manufacturers were allowed to transform them into true Sterlings. Charlie Erb was one of them doing it up until the mid 2000's. Oh and I have an M16A1 I picked up in 1998 that left Colt in 1995 to John Keosayian then to Dennis Todd, then to a non-sot, then to me. I have a Colt letter from when they were still doing them for machineguns. What ruined it for everyone was the DBs taking MAC serial numbers and welding a cut out of the number to all kinds of things such as M60's, 1919's and GE mini-guns. Gemtech had a righteous bitch as AAC was essentially passing off their cans with Gemtech markings. Kinda like putting ford VIN on a Chevy I guess. Manufacturers found clever ways around some things like the Vollmer 21's where they folded the receiver up and welded the serial numbered portion above the feed mechanism. This was allowed because the original number was not altered and never left the receiver. Strange times.
  4. Are they factory HK or contract (Malasian) parts? Any pictures of markings or date codes?
  5. That’s a converted semi. Probably just has the wrong manufacturer info on the transfer form. Unless the importer converted it which is doubtful.
  6. If you sold them in 2017 wouldn’t you have the information on who you sold them to? Why can’t you start there? They may still have them or may be willing to tell you who they sold them to. It’s not like it was 50 years ago.
  7. Up for sale are six new in box transferable m11/9's. Five of them have consecutive serial numbers and would make an excellent individual investment or addition to a dealer's stock. One has an unrelated serial number but is also new in box. All the guns are "86" prefix serial numbers. These are leftovers from my SOT days so they will have to go out on form fours and I will pay the first transfer tax. All of the guns are in new unmolested condition but do show some slight marks from years of storage. They were only taken out of the box for BATFE license inspections. No substantial scratches or rust at all. The marks in the photos are surface marks in the parkerized finish which shows absolutely every mark such as a light fingernail touch but will clean up fine with a good oiling. These guns are have not been displayed, handled or shot and are all original. Each gun includes the original numbered box along with a front strap, magazine loader, cleaning rod and 32 round Zytel magazine. I am sure the buffers will need replaced and I will try and source some to go with the guns if I can find them at a decent price. Only the single gun includes a manual as this is how they were packaged and sent out back in the day. I never had manuals for the consecutively serial numbered guns. Inspection in the Pittsburgh, Pa area is available for serious buyers. The Buyer is responsible for any applicable taxes and actual shipping cost beyond the first BATFE transfer tax. Interested parties should post "I will take them" indicating whether they want all the guns, the consecutively serial numbered guns or the single gun and then follow up with a PM and I will provide a phone number to discuss terms. I will not break up the consecutively serial numbered guns at this time. Price is $60,000 for all six and preference will be given to someone who wants them all. Otherwise the five consecutively serial numbered guns are $50,000 and the single gun is $10,000. Prices are firm and full payment by certified funds is required to start the transfer paperwork. Guns will be shipped upon approval of the transfer paperwork. Guns will not be disassembled and parts shipped separately from the receivers. These are new guns that will remain together and be shipped as such. The FFL/SOT that these are registered to was under "Two Clcs Inc / DBA Two Clicks Mfg" for those of you that I may have dealt with when the license was active. Additional detailed pictures or video available to purchasers, just ask what you would like in the picture. Any questions, please send me a message and I will respond.
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