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  1. 500 bucks from John with proof of registered pack. https://molyresin.com/class2_3/
  2. BMG parts lists them in stock. R U using links or belts? Links too tight? How is the extractor spring in the top cover? Can you see visible wear on the extractor part that rides in the cartridge groove? https://www.bmgparts.com/1919parts.html
  3. Registered sear in pack or registered receiver? THX
  4. As of yesterday from the office. Yes. At that point the only thing that would prevent it is if the Gov. declared a State of Emergency limiting the number of people that can assemble. Lots of variables out there, we'll see. The Derby is scheduled for May 2 and I got to think that has to add a lot of pressure to the decision. The party goes on for 2 weeks before the derby, huge revenue for KY. That would be a much bigger factor in a Governor decision than Creek would IMHO>
  5. Mine is a registered "Pearl" with Norrell guts. They do exist
  6. So Savage is listed as the manufacturer? Thank you, Wes
  7. If you have an AAC CARBINE rate reducing buffer you can part with please let me know. I have an extra new A2 AAC rate reducing buffer I can trade for the carbine version as well. The carbine version has its own proprietary spring, the A2 version uses the standard issue spring. Thank you, Wes
  8. I would like the AUG firing pin if available. Thank you, Wes wesoo41@yahoo.com

    1. W.R.C. from E.U.

      W.R.C. from E.U.

      Dear Sir,

      Message noted, thank you.
      I need to hear from the buyer first in line with purchase interest. If he does not commit to make payment then I can offer it to you.

      Sincerely Yours,
      Robie K.

    2. W.R.C. from E.U.

      W.R.C. from E.U.

      Dear Sir,

      The AUG items are sold for now but I should have a few more available in a week or so.

      Sincerely Yours,

      Robie K.

  9. Please contact me in regard to the one left. THANKS, jERRY jjlovik@gmail.com
  10. What is one worth to you? Test fired new and put away. wesoo41@yahoo.com Wes
  11. If the carrier guide rods are for a FA stock, I would like to buy them. Thank you, Wes
  12. Got some J marked Viet Nam era GI @ 65ea. if interested. wesoo41@yahoo.com
  13. I'm only good for one character slam per thread. Here's a pic for your skepticism. I'll put it back in the safe.
  14. You asked if I had any parts. I said the parts go with the upper.
  15. Drop me a line. wesoo41@yahoo.comremove this
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