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  1. Urban Armory

    I have also, Ed was helpful and followed through on everything he said he'd do. Gun arrived well packed in as described or better condition.
  2. Looking for a new or lightly used La France or KNS twin gas tube system. Please PM me with details if you have one.

    HK trigger pack, 1 aluminum, 1 steel DIAS SPF....

    I have the following post sample machine guns for sale, no letter transfer to 7/SOTs, transfers will be efiled. 2- DIAS aluminum body, type one trip, both are new. $400ea 4 - DIAS steel body, no trip, spring, or pin included (body only), it will accept a type one trip $375ea 1- HK notched HK trigger pack, 3 position, trigger pack only, no selector or SEF trigger housing included $400 PM for pictures or with any questions.
  5. WTS: IMI Ammo 556 M855 62 grain FMJ NATO 2400 rounds $1350

    I'll take it, PM sent.
  6. Transfer Difficulty need opinion

    Here's your answer in my opinion, regardless of the reason, if they in fact can't transfer to their new FFL via F3, it makes absolutely no sense to transfer to themselves via F4 then again via F3 to out of state dealer. It would save everybody time for them to transfer direct to out of state dealer via F4 and be done with it.
  7. Assemble A Browning Automatic Rifle ??

    PM sent, I can help you with this project if you like.
  8. Need help identifying parts

    Hey Jeff, I believe those are for an M85 MG.
  9. RARE Colt Thompson, "Irish Sword" 3-digit serial number range

    Hi Mark, I'm curious also if this barrel has been counterbored, it appears as though it may have had a bulge around the #3 slot?
  10. WTS: Colt Thompson 1921AC 1921 S/N 5697

    Bump for A+ seller, if you're looking for a shooter grade Colt, you won't find a better guy to deal with.
  11. WTS:Soumi Mags 30rd Stick mags

    I’ll take them.
  12. WTS: Rebel DFNDR45 & Rebel 44 Suppressors

    Lower Price
  13. WTB: PRE-86 Dealer Sample FN MAG-58 / M240

    Lol....well ya, there's that minor detail.
  14. WTB: PRE-86 Dealer Sample FN MAG-58 / M240

    There's one on GB as part of a collection.... search Pre may machine gun collection, 13 guns, M240, M249, 93r
  15. Colt Thompson's – Buying or Selling

    I received my book yesterday and haven't put it down since. It's very well done and definitely an invaluable resource for anyone in the market for a Colt or just looking to further their knowledge on the subject. Well done, thanks Tom!