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  1. WTB: HK MP5K-PDW on Form 3

    07/02 in FL with a customer looking for a H&K Mp5k-pdw. Trying to get it with a burst pack. Does not matter if reg. receiver gun or sear. Full size register receiver UZI as well. Let me know what you have. Thank you, Mark @ LCarms Three-5-Two Three-8-Five Two-7-Six-7 Mark@LC**NOSPAM**
  2. This rifle was built by Bruce Dow of Dow Arms in Dade City, FL. It was one of 25, this being number 15. Carbine length gas system, 20" 1:9 Barrel chambered in .223Rem only. Side charging handle. The entire upper was made by Dow to look like an FAL. Front sight and regulator from an FAL were used(regulator does not function as gas adjustment). Forearm and barrel nut are custom to this rifle. Walnut forearm and stock. 2 stage trigger. It comes with a Colt 20rd magazine. $4000 + Shipping Florida residents add 7% tax. 3-5-Two-Three-8-Five-2-7-Six-7 is our phone number, please call with additional questions.
  3. Sten Mags for sale. These are mostly all in cosmoline. Various manufacturers. Shipping is $20 on 10, $35 on 50. Mark@Lake County Arms 352-Three-Eight-Five-2767
  4. Pre May Sample Bridgeport M1A1 on a form 3 in FL It came out of a local police department on a trade, Import marked on the bottom of the trigger guard Law Enf Ord, Athens GA This SMG comes with an original GI issue 5 magazine canvas pouch, 5 - 20 round magazines (2 Seymour, 2 Auto Ordnance, 1 misc). Overall Condition: It is in 85% condition, with the original finish showing signs of wear in spots on the top receiver, but no pitting. Fires in full auto and semi auto modes flawlessly and has been enjoyed for 3 years here. Shipping and insurance will be $100. Credit card add 2% $11000 352-Three-Eight-Five-2767 Mark
  5. WTS: KAC MP5SD 9mm Suppressor NIB $2200

    New in the Box/plastic Knights Armament MP5SD silencer on a form 3 in FL. Selling to start a new project. $2200 + $25 shipping/insurance. 352-Three-eight-five-2767 Lake County Arms
  6. WTS: 80 Sten mags of various manufacture and finish. They are still coated in cosomoline. Examples of mags are included in the pictures. Luck of the draw on the manufacturer. $12 each plus $10 shipping or $120 for 10 free shipping or All 80 for $9 each and free shipping. I will include 2 spoon loaders if you buy all 80. email: remove the @'s. or call Three Five Two - Three Eight Five - Two Seven Six Seven Mark
  7. Wts Used but excellent condition H&K USP Tactical .45Acp in FDE/Tan. This has three factory 12rd magazines, cleaning kit, manual, tools, tan zipper case. All numbers do match, 1 of 500 guns. Included is a CCF Vortex Flash Hider. Asking $1250 shipped. Message for more info/details.
  8. ZQI Turk 308 in Beltfeds/MGs

    Anyone have any experience running Turkish ZQI 308/7.62x51 147 grain ammo in their MG's? Seems cheap and cheerful. Not sure if it will run reliably and feed properly. May just be better off running better ammo, but worth a thread here to find out from those who are experienced. I will be running it in 1919a4 and MG-42. Thanks for the insight, Mark