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  1. Do you have any 74 barrels around 8.1”. Krink length? Travis
  2. WTB: Transferable Mini Uzi Bolt

    Email sent
  3. WTS: M60 Accessories

    I'll take M60 Padded Sling - $28 email heading your way.
  4. WTS FNC full stock sold

    Congrats on the pickup!!
  5. MG34 Accessories

    If you work on them I might bring my Pre May down and let you go over it. I'm in Vicksburg, MS a couple hours from you. Travis
  6. WTB: NIB transferable Colt M16A2 Rifle or Carbine

    PM sent
  7. Title 1 & Title 2 transfers DVP Firearms Travis Jones 601-618-6922 dvpfirearms@yahoo.com Vicksburg, MS
  8. Welcome to the New Sturmgewehr.com Forums!

    The new board looks awesome!!