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  1. I am surprised there are not more post samples
  2. Knob Creek 89. Met friends that have lasted a lifetime. Not the same shoot now.
  3. I saw them at SAR they take a HK trigger pack and seem well built. I have a customer that wants one in 8MM Kurtz to.
  4. Another oddity from the John Weaver estate M203 has and extra barrel ring cast in the top of receiver. No front mounting is on the launcher. Is this for a 177E2/ Any idea what it is for?
  5. I will be there but not an exibitor this year. Brian BORG.
  6. HOLOs clamp over the flash hider. One of the most durable cans ever made.
  7. I am going to seed the world with the the M60 parts from the John Weaver estate. I have over 1000 pounds I am sorting through through
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