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  1. Next Subgun

    Depends on your budget. You are looking at double the price for a sterling over a sten. Both are great Subgun but their respective prices make them not particularly comparable.
  2. Swedish K front sight retaining-lock spring

    Thanks for sharing! I sadly broke a bunch of spring on barrel shroud a couple years ago. Not sure I ever figured it out and maybe sitting on one of my shelves still.
  3. SOT renewal

    Same here just arrived
  4. Form 4-individual to SOT times?

    4 month seems to be the norm here
  5. I am in the exact same situation. I have called / plus left voicemails for “Rebecca” eform expert plus emailed (ask the expert) ever week since the beginning of January. No reply nothing! I finally gave up last week and mailed form 3 paperwork’s to the NFA branch. I can’t believe no one will respond. Best luck!
  6. M60 Links Approx. 350, FREE, FREE, FREE...

    I will take them!! best thing happening today! thank you!
  7. WTS-HK mag clamps

    Are these still available? PM sent
  8. Thompson M1928A1 parts kit with excellent barrel

    I will take per our PMs
  9. ZB30 Czech Bolt

    Bump for the weekend?
  10. ZB30 Czech Bolt

    Looking for a ZB30 bolt. This is the Czech version not the Yugo or “J” version. Will take complete or stripped! Thanks!
  11. Knob Creek April 2020 Show / Shoot

    100% agree! See everyone in October
  12. WTS: Lancaster MagaIne

    I’ll take it PM to follow