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  1. I have 5 good mags for sale. Four of them have are same,1 of them is a bit different in "color". Payment by USPS money order or personal check. Please know your state & local laws regarding magazine capacity. I will not ship to NJ, NY, or any others states with mag restrictions. Please email me directly. You can contact me at blockhead13XXX@juno.com Remove the XXX to email. Magazines ship from Pennsylvania, USPS flat rate with insurance included.
  2. I've been told that this is a semi carrier assembly. This is for 5.45 X 39 Purchased as new, manufacturer unknown. Comes with the top cover shown. Price includes shipping & insurance. USPS money order is preferred form of payment. No PayPal, etc. Thanks for looking. E-mail me at blockhead13 At juno dot com
  3. Marked SD. Dates are 11/74, 4/76, 4/79. Shipped USPS Priority Mail / Insured. Payment by USPS money order. No shipping to NY, NJ, CA, or areas with restrictions. You're responsible for knowing your state and local laws. PLEASE DO NOT MESSAGE ME HERE, AS I DON'T CHECK IN OFTEN. Please E-mail me at blockhead13@juno.com I'll include (2) used MP5 15 round mags if you buy these
  4. WTS:M10 .45 bolt missing parts. This is a.45acp bolt which is missing the extractor & roll pin. Cocking knob included. Picture of bolt is similar, but 9mm (sold.) Also missing is the cocking knob retainer, spring, roll pin & buffer.. I believe it was purchased from FTF Industries.it isn't a Cobray item This uses an early style extractor, not sure if they're still avaialble. $65.00 shipped E-mail me at blockhead13XXX@juno.com remove XXX. Please do not PM me.
  5. I have an M10 bolt in 9mm. New, never used. Can't remember where I got it, I think FTF Industries. Can be used in SMG or early open bolt semis. It is for the standard style M10 mag. Cocking knob is included. The toaster oven isn't. :-) Please e-mail me directly blockhead13XXX@juno.com Remove XXX from e-mail.
  6. Sten loop stock, to the best of my knowledge this is original, not a repro. It is from a parts kit I purchased a long time ago. USPS Flat Rate shipping & insurance is included. USPS money order only. Please e-mail me directly. blockhead13XXX@juno.com Remove XXX
  7. I have (2) new P7M8 mags for sale. $200 for them shipped USPS insured. Postal money order only. Please e-mail me. Thanks, Tim D. blockhead13XXX@juno.com Remove XXX
  8. The bolt is double feed style.
  9. I need to check, but I’m pretty sure it’s double feed. Please email me instead of using the reply feature.
  10. Complete 9mm bolt assembly, with cocking knob. Never used. I think that I bought it from FTF . Price includes shipping & insurance. USPS money order preferred, but I'll take a check. Ships USPS flat rate box. FYI, my items ship from Allentown,Pa because NJ is a gun owner"s hell. E-mail me at blockhead13XXX@juno.com REMOVE XXX to email me. I don’t check the boards for replies, so please e-mail me. PICTURE OF BOLT.
  11. These are in good condition . Picture is of the actual mags. These can be modified for the S&W 76 and some other guns. They CANNOT be used with the LAGE MAX-31 upper that uses Suomi drums & coffin mags. Mags ship from Allentown, PA. via USPS Flate Rate Box. Payment via USPS money order or personal check. Checks must clear first. No shipping to NY, NJ, CA, CT, CO, D.C., HI, MA, MD, VT. and anywhere magazine restrictions apply. YOU'RE RESPONSIBLE FOR KNOWING YOUR STATE AND LOCAL LAWS. E-mail me at blockhead13XXX@juno.com REMOVE XXX Picture of mags.
  12. I'd like to purchase the 2. Please email me at blockhead13XXX@juno.com Remove XXX
  13. Selling for a friend of mine. As new, may have minor scratches. Feed ramp shows no sign of wear. Picture is "borrowed" from Brownell's Payment by USPS money order. Email me blockhead13XXX@juno.com Remove XXX Price includes shipping and insurance. .
  14. Posting again, they were sold but buyer never sent payment. As shown in picture. (Actual photo of the mags) 2 in box, 3 no boxes. I believe ATI imported them from Turkey when they were selling the MKE AT94 rifles and pistols. I'm pretty sure that I tried the 3 out in MKE AT94 clone with good results. Then I bought two more. You are responsible for knowing your local and state laws regarding ownership of these items. Ships USPS from Allentown, Pa. Not interested in any trades, selling off many items aquired over the years. I live in NJ, so the mags are stored in Pennsylvania. blockhead13XXX@juno.com REMOVE XXX to e-mail me. .