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  1. Selling a demilled HK SP5k Demilled kit in excellent condition with a Vertical forward grip on it. The kit is complete just need a receiver. SOLD Payment via USPS mo, or PP +the fee. https://ibb.co/fSsr1Pp https://ibb.co/2kfQbkz https://ibb.co/P93ZLSP https://ibb.co/0Q7QvFz
  2. I am looking to sell one of my projects that I have not had time to work on. It is a demilled HK 69A1 40mm launcher kit in excellent condition, very lightly used. The receiver has been demilled so it needs somebody to create a new receiver for it but I have not had the time so going to let somebody else give it a try. Asking $10k OBO +Shipping will be based on how much insurance coverage you would like. Payment via USPS mo, cashiers check with time to clear or wire. https://ibb.co/XXdDQ21 https://ibb.co/5jPhQPH https://ibb.co/MPxJbTd
  3. The baffles inside all look ok (except for the last baffle in the 9mm looks like it got nicked a little bit) but they all run just fine. And the end caps can probably be hammered back into place or sent to KAC and they might be able to replace them if needed.
  4. I have 2x KAC cans for sale they are already on my dealer's books waiting for transfer. $25 S&H payment via USPS mo or discreet PP 1x HK KAC Navy 10mm $2000 9mm https://ibb.co/phLQVhz 9mm https://ibb.co/Hp7R9PN 1x HK KAC Navy 9mm $2500 10mm https://ibb.co/D9k0z9B 10mm https://ibb.co/n3XPPJK These are used cans and show the use. The insides look good but the end cap could use to be replaced.
  5. Bump open to offers
  6. Selling off stuff from my collection. Shipping will be between $10-$30 Payment via USPS mo, Zelle or discreet PP +fee All Prices are OBO Package of scopes used $150 Package of Byonets used $100 Garmin 62Stc $200 AK Furniture $75 Ruger MkII .22 auto Hogue Grips Coco Bolo wood $45 Smith and Wesson M4006 Mags NIB $35 each HK Mp5k K grip with mount used $ 55 HK MP5 Surefire forearm with laser and light used $225 Accuracy international rail $75 Uzi Bolt $100 Remington 1100 Shorty Barrel $75 https://ibb.co/qpSG2CY https://ibb.co/j5qqdFt https://ibb.co/jR2byPW https://ibb.co/rQB4M4v https://ibb.co/FnwRxfy https://ibb.co/FqGthHk https://ibb.co/6WTJWm7 https://ibb.co/Z6K9Zy9 https://ibb.co/GCTxNZk https://ibb.co/TT4KmbG https://ibb.co/j5TtQVy https://ibb.co/zxr8dv8 https://ibb.co/59cF9qt https://ibb.co/SnGzLZ4 https://ibb.co/Y0zcYBd https://ibb.co/X37CWFL https://ibb.co/NTM1mS9
  7. I have an excellent condition HK SR 9 for sale. I'm the second owner and I have never fired it and I believe the original owner never fired it. It is missing the little strip on the front of the grip housing otherwise complete and ready for an HK enthusiast's collection. It had a CA bullet button on it but that was been removed and replaced with the original mag release. Payment via USPS or Discreet PP +fee Asking for $4450 OBO Shipping $50 with no insurance or $100 with https://ibb.co/kh0NK9k https://ibb.co/87C7Jhp https://ibb.co/zVSY7cX https://ibb.co/5M6RGDm https://ibb.co/hYmKddd https://ibb.co/BL7zkhq
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